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What We Do

Here are Greyboy Pet Prints, we provide pet parents with stunning pet portraits to enjoy and remember their animal companion by for many years to come.

We offer two services: 1. pet photography at a client’s home or favorite park in southern CA and 2. handmade pet etchings from a client’s own photo.

We love to help dog dads and cat moms have tangible keepsakes to treasure!


  • Transform your cell phone snapshot into a fine art pet portrait!
  • Commemorate a beloved pet that has passed (add a passed pet’s ashes within the etching)
  • Print a favorite moment in time
  • Elegant artwork that will compliment any decor
  • Created with care using sunshine, metal and ink
  • Watch Mandi and her artist Grammy create handcrafted pet portraits!

Pet Photography

Meet pet artist Mandi

Pet artist, Mandi, has over a decade of experience with wiggly, shy, and elderly pets as well as two decades creating fine art. Mandi combines her love for pets, her own story and 20+ years of professional experience in graphic design and photography to help you remember your special companion with beautiful, timeless art you can enjoy for years to come.

At Greyboy Pet Prints, we believe pets are therapy and art is healing! Each family has their own story of what a special friend they have had in their pet companion.

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