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Your hospital needs great photos on a budget—and oh yeah, you need them yesterday. I hear you and I get it.

For over a decade, I’ve been working with pet businesses, especially veterinary hospitals with their photo needs:

  • Headshot Images
  • Custom Library of Images – Lifestyle Work in a Veterinary Setting
  • Custom Library of Images – Happy Pets at Home
  • Videography – Promo and Recruitment Videos

Would you love to show prospective clients your amazing location and team of experts that are professional with compassion?

Greyboy Pet Prints can help. I’m a photographer for veterinary hospitals that works within your parameters to deliver unique, high-quality imagery ready to print or post.

Instill trust in your company with real and photos and video that show exactly who you are!

Cultivate client loyalty using photos on your website and marketing materials where clients can recognize doctors and your facility. Instead of being generic, stand out by being recognizable, warm and welcoming!

From finding models, scouting locations, photographing and retouching, Greyboy does it all—and does it fast.

“Thanks Mandi, great work and thanks for getting it done so fast.” – Dr. R. Pankowski, VSSOC

How A Commercial Session Works


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Photoshoot & Delivery

Examples of Work

Works in Use

Photographer For Veterinary Hospitals

Both outdoor and studio work offered. View what we shoot while we photograph and choose images on the spot or receive a gallery of images to review afterward. Commercial pet photography that suites YOU! Please contact me for a quick reply with package pricing. I know you’re busy, so I keep things simple and easy!

Headshot portrait packages


Headshot Portraits:

  • Providing headshot portraits onsite at veterinary hospitals for the past decade+
  • Relax and just chat with me while I photograph
  • Review portraits on the spot if desired
  • Standing portraits also offered
  • Composite group photo as shown below (I know you can’t get all your doctors in ONE place at ONE time!)
  • Contact me now for headshot portrait quote!

Custom library of images

 Environmental lifestyle work in a corporate veterinary setting

Pet-Photographer-Veterinary-Hospital-Copyright-GreyboyPetPrints Kitten with doctor

Custom Imagery (“Candid Portraits”)

  • Behind the scenes showing off your staff’s compassion and professionalism
  • For use on website, print, ads…
  • Unobtrusive set up so your staff can still perform tasks without interruption
  • Contact me now to help you in a quick and efficient manner!

Additional Services

  1. Videography for promotion and recruitment – example below
  2. Custom library of happy pets at home
  3. Licensing of existing Greyboy Pet Prints photos


We have had headshots, as well as real life photos, of the doctors taken for our veterinary practice and she did a fantastic job. And, because it is impossible to get all of them in one room together since we are 24-hour, she helped piece together this group shot off all of them.

Thank you for always doing such a beautiful job!” – Missy, Hospital Director, Pacific Care Pet ER and Specialty

group photo headshots veterinarians for hospital tustin

For more info, please reach out and expect a quick reply back!