These Southern California dog beach portraits for Koa spoke straight to the heart – for Koa’s mom as for me. We took a peek behind the camera that evening after their pet photography session and were both moved. I knew Koa had been fighting cancer.

Southern California Dog Beach Photos Sunset Silhouette
Southern-California-Dog-Beach-Portraits-dog surfing

In fact, mom shared that “Koa has been through a lot over the last year fighting cancer, two surgeries, 17 radiation treatments and one especially resistant bacterial urinary tract infection.”


You would NEVER know this if you met them at the beach watching them surf and play together! We were there for over an hour and Koa NEVER stopped running in and out of the water and shaking her toy around, barking while out on the surfboard.


I LOVED this moment between them caught from behind the rocks. They have SUCH a connection! I actually met them at the veterinary hospital in Tustin when photographing for the hospital. Mom is a veterinary doctor there and Koa hangs out with mom. I snapped a few photographs of them there, but knew that wasn’t where the magic was for these two. The magic was at the Southern California dog beach!


Here was Koa swimming with her toy continually fetching – she never slowed! THIS – swimming and surfing – IS Koa. She’s such a special girl!

And how fun to have a memory of her and mom being themselves and enjoying these days together.

Koa’s mom is excited to hang these Southern California dog beach portraits on her walls and gift them as holiday portraits. Thank you Koa and Mom for trusting me to help you! (Mandi, pet photographer)

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