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PORTRAITS to remember

that loving face + soul connection you share

“There’s nothing that can replace those pictures and that time” – Patti


· your nose to nose chats
· those soft ears that hear your every word and flip flop in the wind
· the tickle of their whiskers on your face
· those loving eyes that never want to leave your gaze
· that waggy tail that shows unabashed glee in your presence

In a world where life moves faster than we’d like, let’s freeze these moments in time of the one you love most! As your pet photographer, I’ll create for you an artful way to remember that loving face and soul connection you share.

Hi! I’m Mandi!
With a lifelong career in art and furry critters of my own since I can remember, it’s my pleasure to come photograph you and your pet companion at your home (or SoCal location) where you all are most comfortable.

How A Pet Portrait Session Works

This is for busy pet parents who are happy to make just one appointment to photograph, view images and order artwork all in one 2-3 hour fun-filled experience where patience for your pet and a design consultation for your new images is provided. I’ll answer your questions and guide you with real artwork samples in how best to display and enjoy your new artwork! I work in a relaxed manner that values your time and each family’s delicate needs. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!
Email me about your pet to be photographed:
Go ahead – brag!
We’ll decide on a location where your pet is comfortable and on a date that works for you.
Have fun while I photograph and then view your images IMMEDIATELY after your session!
“My biggest fear was hiring a photographer who didn’t know Andy and his personality quirks, but as we started our session, I knew we were in good hands. You were so patient and unobtrusive, making all of us feel at ease. Hiring you is one of the best things we could have done with and for Andy. I am beyond grateful to have these incredibly special photos as a tangible reminder of his well-loved life.” – Jane

You probably have a million candid pet pictures on your phone. But if you’re like most pet parents, getting that perfect, print-worthy shot (especially if you want to be in it!) can be tough. That’s where I come in!

Concerned about getting your black dog’s features to show up clearly? Anxious about capturing the true personality of your camera-shy cat? Or maybe you’ve got a wigglebutt who’d rather chase stuff than sit for a portrait. Don’t worry—I’ve seen it all and have got it covered.

Pricing for Pet Photography

Simply contact me.
I’ll take it from there!
Greyboy Pet Prints