Pictures of a Senior SoCal Cat

pet photography of senior kitty at home with mom

Spice, when photographed at home in Southern California, was 22 years old! That's impressive, right?! I followed him around from a distance and photographed him as he sat on the couch, took a stroll in the backyard, and came back indoors to snuggle with mom. Spice's mom had invited me out to take pictures of this senior SoCal cat since she knew she would have to say goodbye to him soon. He wanted to be right under mom's chin. Notice the water drop on his chin? We were giving him plenty of food and water breaks and had just come back from his water bowl. Pictures of a Senior SoCal Cat Mom...

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Pictures of a Senior Dog to Remember | Orange, CA

Pictures of a Senior Weimaraner to Remember

I'm sharing with you today pictures of a senior dog to remember. Her name is Maggie, otherwise known as Mom's shadow :-)Pictures of a Senior Dog to RememberMaggie is a sweet Weimaraner who was adopted from a breeder rescue out of Los Angeles as a senior when she was 10 years old. That makes me love her parents already! I wish more people knew what awesome partners senior pets make! They are already trained, calm and ready to snuggle!So, Maggie is 14 years old now and just likes to lay around the house and follow Mom wherever she goes! We started our photo session with Maggie...

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Cute Kitten Pictures by Orange County Pet Photographer

Cute Kitten Pictures at home by Orange County pet photographer

Cute kitten pictures by Orange County pet photographer, Greyboy Pet Prints, coming your way! I fostered and photographed these five kittens and their mama for the Inland Valley Humane Society in Southern California. I remember as a little girl, having our two female cats have a litter of kittens at the same time! It was a dream for me, but a nightmare for my mom. I remember one sunny afternoon, helping my mom bathe all the kittens to rid them of fleas. We had an assembly line: mom washed the kittens while my sister and I dried and cuddled them.  Since then, I had always wanted...

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Fun SoCal Easter Event for Dogs

What fun! This was the 3rd Annual Egg Hunt for Dogs in Chino CA hosted by Greyboy Pet Prints where dogs get to search for hidden plastic eggs with treats inside and turn in their egg for a prize! There were dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages ready for the Easter fun! Everyone waited patiently and played nicely while they got ready for the Egg Hunt to start. A lot of dogs made new friends! Everyone lined up ready to start! 3, 2, 1, GO! Off they went! They ran and ran to where the eggs were hidden. Each family found one egg with their dog. Then they turned in their egg for a prize.   Many...

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Photos With My Dog in the CA Wildflowers Super Bloom

Envious of everyone else's CA wildflower super bloom photos, I just had to find a spot to take photos with my dog in the CA wildflowers super bloom. We found a poppy field in Southern CA (Orange County) and went on an adventure! CA Orange Poppy Fields We hiked to a gorgeous spot along the hill with a path yielding plenty of the beautiful orange poppy on either side of it and the yellow mustard seed and purple lupine mixed in. We set Willow on the most level spot of the path and let her look wherever she wanted - out into the canyon watching the butterflies and birds buzzing around. Photos...

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Photos of My Cat at Home with Peony Flowers

 I knew this past summer we were nearing the end with our senior kitty, so I made sure to take photos of my cat at home with peony flowers. We did this while "Paris" (named by my stepdaughter after her favorite city) still looked healthy so our memory would be of her in her healthy days. Photos of my Cat at Home with Peony Flowers I took these photos of Paris with my film camera, an old Mamiya, as I so love the depth and richness you get with using film versus the sharp, almost too precise, feel you get with digital. And, who doesn't love peony flowers!? They added a feminine touch to...

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OC Beach Photos with Dog Announcing An Engagement!

I received a call from a dog dad back in November that found our pet photography website and wanted to gift his fiancé with some OC beach photos with dog, Bones, who looks like a Bernese mix but is a Spaniel mix! Dog Photography on the Beach in Laguna I wrapped up a gift certificate and sent it along all wrapped and pretty for him to give her for her birthday. I thought the OC beach photos WITH dog were such a thoughtful surprise! When we met up at Laguna Beach in Orange County, CA, I discovered that his fiance had a brilliant idea to have Bones announce their engagement for their holiday...

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Valentine Pet Portraits in Aliso Viejo CA

Who is your furry Valentine you'd like to remember forever with a Valentine Pet Portrait? This weekend we will return to Orange County, CA Aliso Viejo's Pet Suites:a very nice pet boarding, doggie daycare and grooming place that is out of this world in facilities and service! Mini Pet Portrait Sessions in OC On Feb. 2 between 10am and 1pm, we will provide 15-20 minutes quick, yet relaxed, mini pet portrait sessions. It's a fun party, as immediately after each session, we pull up the dog photos and ooh and ahh at the charm these doggies pull off! Pet parents get to choose their favorite...

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Pasadena Cat Portraits | A Vet and Her Cats

Stunning Pasadena cat portraits was the goal of this pet photography session with kitties Lando and Kingsley plus their veterinarian mom, Dr. Theresa Loo. She serves the LA area with veterinary care and also has a website called where she gives free expert advice about better living with your cat. She says she never has enough time in a regular vet appointment to share all the info she has gained in her years of seeing kitty patients so she volunteers that info through her monthly blog posts on her website. Pasadena Cat Portraits I photographed Theresa and her cats at their...

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Holiday Photos with Dogs | Aliso Viejo

Greyboy Pet Prints offered holiday photos with dogs in Aliso Viejo at Pet Suites, the beautiful pet boarding, grooming and daycare facility in Orange County, CA. Annual Holiday Mini Pet Portrait Session This was our 6th annual Holiday Mini Portrait Sessions at Pet Suites with some of their adorable dogs, such as Abby, the happiest Golden Retriever I've ever met (pictured above). Bradford, pictured below in the reindeer ears was excited to be there and a great sport wearing those silly ears with a smile! Xabi, the senior gal who is 12 years old followed Mom's every move and direction. We...

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