Custom Dog Memorial Art


As more and more pet parents view their animal as a family member, not just a pet, they go to great lengths to seek out special products and meaningful ways to remember them. As shared in a recent post, I discovered a way to create custom dog memorial art in trying to commemorate my own loved dog, Jack, that passed over a year ago. I developed a solution for taking all the memory keepsakes I had of him and creatively putting them into ONE classy piece as an honorable remembrance of his life. Just like me, Mumford's mom was trying to do the same: "Thank you so much for this priceless gift...

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Photoshoot for 3 dogs in SoCal


This photoshoot for dogs in SoCal comprised of these 3 cute Yorkies photographed together in the gorgeous sunset lighting! These cute pups photographed together are all related! "Little Bit" (in the middle) is the senior and mama of the crew. Romeo (L) and Phoebe (R) are siblings. What does everyone want out of their photoshoot? A nice photo where ALL eyes are open with happy faces looking at the camera TOGETHER.  Dogs will be dogs and Phoebe (with the dark pink bow) was moving around (as dogs do!).  We can usually make portrait magic happen with enough patience, squeaky toys, and treats...

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Custom Pet Art Featured in HGTV article

Custom Pet Art Featured in HGTV article

I'm thrilled to have our custom pet art etchings included in's article "10 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet with Art" - page 7! Over the past 2.5 years I have been helping pet parents get that favorite snapshot (even cell phone shot) out of the digital world and pressed into a tangible handmade work of art. Each custom pet art etching is handcrafted with sunshine, metal, ink and Italian fine art paper on my Grammy's printing press. I found it interesting that the etching image she chose from files sent happens to be my own Greyboy, my kitty Jake and business namesake, whose cremain ash...

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Custom Dog Portrait Keepsake


Yep, I'm a crazy dog lady. That's who I am. When my dog passed, it was so very difficult, as I'm sure you well know from the passing of your own pets. They weasel their way into your heart and become so intertwined with you. With this guy, my Jack, his whole story made it even more burdensome when I had to say goodbye. (You'll see why if you read this post: 5 Helps for Saying Goodbye...) I really wanted something special to remember him by; a custom dog portrait keepsake. So, after his passing, with the help of Lap of Love's Dr. Mary and also Deanna from Paws n Claws Aquamation, I had...

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Palm Springs Pet Photographer documents Afghan Hound Jake


Palm Springs Pet Photography for Afghan Hound Jake Palm Springs Pet Photographer, Mandi, documents a rescued hound in his new home: Wow, does this Palm Springs Pet Photography session have a star and a story! Jake came from a horrible hoarding situation in South Korea where he and 6 other Afghan Hounds were kept in filthy wire cages. He had to be quarantined before he came to Southern CA to settle in with his new mom in the Palm Springs area of CA. Jake was severely underweight and heartworm positive when he arrived to the USA in March of 2017. Jake's new mom adopted him from The Afghan...

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Win a Pet Portrait Etching


To celebrate Valentine's Day and those animal companions we so love, Greyboy Pet Prints is hosting a giveaway to win a pet portrait etching! This was my soulmate, my animal companion Jake, whom I created a handcrafted etching of with sunshine, metal, ink and an old-fashioned printmaking press. (His pet portrait etching is extra special as I incorporated Jake's ashes into the ink so it truly is a special keepsake.) To find out more about a pet portrait etching and HOW TO ENTER our annual Valentine etching giveaway, go HERE. In honor of all the great pet and owner love stories out there,...

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Pet Photography in Corona of a Cute Cockapoo Dog


Pet photography Corona Session for a cute Cockapoo senior doggie! It's examples like this, of Emma and her mom's pet photography Corona session, that show in living, breathing color, our Greyboy Pet Prints tagline: "Where Pets are Therapy and Art is Healing." This 12 year old fluffy gal (who has more spunk than I'd ever seen in a senior dog) is mom's heart dog and companion! Emma is a healthy happy pup running around the house following mom around. She is her mom's shadow, her comedic relief, and cuddle buddy when needed. Here Are The Portraits from Her Pet Photography Session Emma's...

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Family with Black Labs – Dog Photo Session in Orange


Dog Photo Session in Orange The purpose of this Dog Photo Session in Orange was for Shana and her family to have some great family portraits WITH the dogs for holiday cards and to also enjoy as framed portraits on the wall at home. Dog and Family Portraits From Their Session Let's begin with the end: this was their favorite shot, which we patiently waited for holding still and being quiet at the very end of their pet photo session. We had started with photographing all of them together, dogs at their feet. I used a squeaky toy and all kinds of silly sounds to get everyone looking at me....

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Pet Photography Session in Eastvale At Home


This pet photography session in Eastvale at home (Inland Empire of SoCal) consisted of 5 smiling dogs and their people. The goal here was to get one good family shot with ALL dogs looking at the camera. You can bet this will go on a holiday card! We wanted everyone to relax and be themselves for a great family portrait WITH the dogs. This usually happens towards the end of a pet photography session when everyone has relaxed a little and the dogs are used to the camera. This yard was a great backdrop for a photoshoot, so we found a few choice spots and photographed there. Many treats were...

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Artists Alley at the Orange Home Grown Farmer’s Market


A Farmer's Market where dogs are welcome! Many people AND dogs love this so-much-more-than-a-farmer’s market that happens every Satuday morning in the City of Orange (California). They also host an Artists Alley in the holiday months for shoppers searching for unique and locally created gifts. This farmer’s and artisan’s market run by Orange Home Grown Inc. (who strives to cultivate a health community through awareness, advocacy and education) really is the cream of the crop. They have organic, homemade, unique, high-quality, fresh food and goodies with friendly faces, good service, and a...

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