Dog Photos in Inland Empire

Dog Photos in Inland Empire: Dallas the boxer's parents were gifted a portrait session for Dog Photos in Inland Empire from their thoughtful friend who exchanges dog care with Dallas' family. Here were my favorite images (the silly ones!)  from Dallas' dog photoshoot at a vineyard in Chino. Earning Treats for her Photo Session: She was looking to me for treats, while I photographed her up close with my wide angle lens to get some cute and funny photos of this sweet dog. We usually start out a photo session with the humans AND pet photos as we did this day. The pet being...

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Pet Portraits for the Holidays

Pet Portraits for the Holidays - Planning Ahead Here we are in November finally enjoying cooler weather and cozy nights! The holidays are fast upon us and I wanted to give you some quick info to help you plan ahead (like important holiday dates listed for you below) as well as info on pet portraits for the holidays. My calendar is almost completely full for pet photoshoots here in SoCal for 2017, so if you've been thinking of holiday portraits, this is it! Email me now to grab one of the last 2 spots! I've stocked up on etching supplies and am excited and ready to help those of you who...

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Vineyard Dog Photos in Chino CA

Greyboy Pet Prints is offering vineyard dog photos in Chino CA for those desiring an adorable portrait of their dog companion that they can enjoy for decades to come! On September 30th and October 1st, a total of 4 photography appointments are available for pet doting parents. Read the details below and please note these appointments are first come, first served, so read on and grab your spot! Your Vineyard Dog Photos Experience These 4 appointments are introductory pet photo sessions in the southern CA city of Chino for 1 or 2 dogs by award-winning pet photographer, Mandi Pratt, an OC...

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Cute Puppy Pictures at Home in Chino

Meet Zeno, the Boston Terrier puppy who got cute puppy pictures taken at home in Chino, CA! He was a wiggly little pipsqueak that kept us laughing the whole time while we were photographing him! Towards the end of his doggie photo session, I was able to capture some cute puppy pictures of Zeno sitting still on his own looking ADORABLE! That is an irresistible puppy expression, don't you think? Who can say no to that face! Zeno's human siblings are learning all about puppy care and the hard work, yet rewarding results that come as a puppy owner. We even giggled during some puppy kisses...

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How To Help Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey

I keep asking myself how to help pets affected by Hurricane Harvey and thereby help the people who own them! It's heartbreaking to listen to and watch the news showing pictures of dogs, cats, horses and so many other animals affected by Hurricane Harvey and needing rescue along with their people! If you have not seen the coverage yet, read HERE the recap in pictures from I've been seeing some great resources come through and wanted to share as I know we are all trying to figure out how to help - mostly from afar. Here are the organizations I know of that are currently...

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My Favorite SuperZoo Products for Cats and Dogs

Are you like me? Because my pets are family, I want to make sure they are getting the best care and best products to help them lead a happy, healthy, long life. Normally on this blog, we are talking about Greyboy Pet Prints pet photography and handmade pet portrait etchings, but I know my clients will benefit from hearing about these products. Below are the AWESOME goodies I found at the 2017 SuperZoo tradeshow in Vegas (over 4 miles of things to see!). I'm trying these to solve problems I've noticed with my own pets (fleas, chance of getting lost, helps for walks, great food options, and...

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Senior Dog Pictures for Alfie

Alfie, the cute wiener dog in Fullerton, was photographed at his home with his 2 dog buddies and family. His mom and dad had seen the Greyboy Pet Prints pictures hanging at Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine (AVIM) in Tustin, CA and called me about getting senior dog pictures at their home in Orange County. Alfie's mom asked if it might be possible to get senior dog pictures of her buddy Alfie before he passed. She explained that he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and wanted pictures sooner, rather than later, as they weren't sure how much time they had left with...

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Essential Oils to Help Your Pet

I've been researching natural remedies and essential oils to help my pets, specifically to find an alternate to topical flea meds and also to calm my pets for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. As pet parents, we’re constantly looking for the best ways to care for our pets. Above all, we want them to be happy and healthy! Here are some home remedies I found for managing different aspects of our pet’s health. Many of these remedies use essential oils, which have been used for years but they’ve recently found their way into the spotlight again. For good reason! Read below for the many ways...

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Father’s Day So Cal Outings for Dogs and Dads

To celebrate Father's Day with your animal companion, here are some suggestions for fun So Cal outings for dogs and dads! (We have ideas for cat owners too - scroll down!) DOG DADS • Kayak or SUP together: Newport Aquatic Center had a Yelp review which said they were very dog friendly. Do call or google and check it out first! (949)646-7725. • Enjoy the beach together: 1. The perfect outing for dogs and dads! Stroll along the beach with your dog on leash: - Corona Del Mar: before 10am and after 4:30pm - Newport Beach and Bay: before 10am and after 5pm - Along the cliffs at Laguna Beach -...

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Pet Portrait with Ashes

Not just a pet. A soulmate. A companion. You know exactly what I mean.  I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried in my life when I had to put my kitty Jake down (aka my Greyboy pictured below). And then I felt guilty because I cried more than I did when my some of my favorite family members passed. What IS that connection we have with these furry partners of ours? I'll share with you how I came to create a pet portrait with ashes. We talk about the unconditional love they give; the loyalty, the friendship, and companionship. Our partners are always there at our feet ready to listen and give...

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