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Doggie Alfie – End of Life Pet Photo Session

Alfie, the cute wiener dog in Fullerton, received an “End of Life” pet photo session at his home with his 2 dog buddies and his people. His mom and dad had seen the Greyboy Pet Prints pictures hanging at Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine (AVIM) in Tustin, CA and called me about a photo session at their home in Orange County.

Photo-Session-Dachschund-Sitting-GrassAlfie’s mom asked if it might be possible to get pictures of her buddy Alfie before he passed. She explained that he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and wanted pictures sooner, rather than later, as they weren’t sure how much time they had left with their Alfie.

A few days after our call, I came out to their home and met Alfie and his doggie buds Coco and Chimi (Chimichanga). They showed me around their home and yard while telling me where Alfie usually hangs out and I chose a few of those spots for pictures that are definitely “Alfie.”

Essential Oils to Help Your Pet

I've been researching natural remedies and essential oils to help my pets, specifically to find an alternate to topical flea meds and also to calm my pets for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. As pet parents, we’re constantly looking for the best ways to care for our pets. Above all, we want them to be happy and healthy! Here are some home remedies I found for managing different aspects of our pet’s health. Many of these remedies use essential oils, which have been used for years but they’ve recently found their way into the spotlight...

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Father’s Day So Cal Outings for Dogs and Dads

To celebrate Father's Day with your animal companion, here are some suggestions for fun So Cal outings for dogs and dads! (We have ideas for cat owners too - scroll down!) DOG DADS • Kayak or SUP together: Newport Aquatic Center had a Yelp review which said they were very dog friendly. Do call or google and check it out first! (949)646-7725. • Enjoy the beach together: 1. The perfect outing for dogs and dads! Stroll along the beach with your dog on leash: - Corona Del Mar: before 10am and after 4:30pm - Newport Beach and Bay: before 10am and after 5pm - Along the...

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Custom Pet Portrait with Pet’s Ashes

Not just a pet. A soulmate. A companion. You know exactly what I mean. 

I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried in my life when I had to put my kitty Jake down (aka my Greyboy pictured below). And then I felt guilty because I cried more than I did when my some of my favorite family members passed. What IS that connection we have with these furry partners of ours?


We talk about the unconditional love they give; the loyalty, the friendship, and companionship. Our partners are always there at our feet ready to listen and give back so much. They leave a huge hole in our lives once they pass and we try our very best to remember them in a special way.

I tried to think of a way to keep my Jake with me somehow so I’d never forget him. I had a photograph of him framed, set his ashes in the wooden box with paw print under his picture. It was okay, but I still felt something was missing.

THEN I had an idea – I had been creating handmade pet etchings for people who had their own snapshot they wanted transformed into fine art. I used my Grammy’s printing press and the printmaking etching process to start helping other people be able to remember their favorite animal companions too through fine art to enjoy as a reminder of that loving partner they were so connected to.

Creating a Lasting Remembrance Using a Pet’s Ashes

I did an experiment one day and (with the help of some champagne), opened up the wooden box with Jack’s ashes and took out a TINY bit to add to the ink and print again Jake’s etching. It worked, came out beautiful AND I knew THIS print was extremely special as it literally had just a little bit of him in the actual artwork. Jake’s artwork is preserved nicely in a frame and is treasured as a meaningful keepsake… 

A Very Special Tribute and Pet Portrait for a Very Special Dog

Here is a very special tribute and pet portrait etching created for a very loved dog, Andy:

“My boyo is Andy. He passed away last June, just shy of his 9th birthday, and there is still a hole in my heart the size of an 80-pound lab mix. I’ve had him since he was a little chunk of a pup resembling a bear cub, brought home before he could be taken to the shelter like his siblings. He was a mischievous thing, nicknamed Houdini for the many ways he figured out how to escape his kennels. He could open baby gates, take nuts off of bolts, and wiggle bolts out of holes. I finally thwarted him with bungee cables out of reach.

Paige’s picture of Andy to be etched

He was a dog that never slowed down; he always had the same drive and energy, always wanting to ‘work’ up until the end. The fall before he passed, when he was 8 years old, he completed a 120 yard water retrieve on a live goose – that is a football field. He didn’t heed the commands to come back, stubbornly staying out there swimming circles until the goose came up, focused on completing what had been asked of him.

My last memory of Andy before I buried him is him running after my car…