Headshot photos for veterinarian at Pacific Care Vets of 3 DVM doctors

New headshot photos for veterinarians are needed each time this veterinary hospital hires a new doctor. The hospital director will email me with the doctor’s name and a preferred date for a photoshoot at the veterinary hospital. (Usually I am photographing at least two new doctors.)

Sometimes the veterinary hospital also wants me to take some candid shots as well while I am there so they have some new material for their website and social media, etc.

For whatever is needed on that date, I come out on location with my minimal gear and set up on a day that works for staff, then photograph the doctor(s) with ease so they feel comfortable. I have usually set up in a break room, a conference room or a not-used-yet surgery suite.

When I’m photographing, sometimes the doctor likes to look at their images as we go to make sure they are happy with one or two of their headshot portraits before I leave. Then management will choose the best headshot photo of each doctor.

I fine tune each chosen headshot portrait and  deliver final artwork through Google Drive or Dropbox. You can see the rest of the headshots for veterinarians I’ve provided in past years for this growing team on their about page.


Most hospitals also want me to create a standing portrait in addition to the doctor’s headshot photo. This way I can compile a group photo of ALL doctors without needing them present for one group photo.

These composite group photos seem to be popular to use on the veterinary hospital website to show clients the team of experts ready to serve them.

You can see here the most recent group photo that I pieced together from 10 separate standing shots.

group photo headshots veterinarians for hospital tustin

By the way, this team at Pacific Care Veterinary Emergency is always a pleasure to work with! I’ve been helping them with headshot photos and candid photos of them performing procedures for over a decade.

Recently they had me also create two videos for them (a dog’s perspective on coming to the hospital and a recruitment video to attract prospective employees). The dog, Hunter, did a fantastic job for his day in the life video entering the hospital and getting an ultrasound! 

Thank you for learning more about the photo work I do for veterinary hospitals in Southern California! You can see more on my commercial pet photography page.

For a quote on headshot photos for veterinarians at YOUR hospital, please get in touch and I’ll get right back to you.