Each time this veterinary hospital hires a new doctor, they need a headshot photo for veterinarians that are now a part of their team. I come out on location with my minimal gear and set up on a day that works for staff, then photograph the doctor with ease so they feel comfortable.

Sometimes the doctor likes to look at their image before I leave and sometimes they don’t. I like to make sure that we have a few great headshot photos of each doctor. You can see the rest of the headshots for veterinarians I provided for their team over the course of the last few years on their about page.

Sometimes a hospital wants me to take photos of each doctor standing so I can compile a group photo for the hospital’s website as well. You can see here the most recent group photo that I pieced together from separate standing shots.

group photo headshots veterinarians for hospital tustin

By the way, this team at Pacific Care Veterinary Emergency is always a pleasure to work with! I’ve been helping them with headshot photos and other photo needs, as well as video for over a decade. I have taken my own dog there and highly recommend them!

You can see more photo work I do for veterinary hospitals in Southern California on my commercial pet photography page. An example of my pet video work for this veterinary hospital is on a recent blog post I shared. You will get a good laugh if you go watch the video of Hunter, the poodle, entering the hospital and getting an ultrasound!

Thank you for inviting me out to help your hospital! Just get in touch and I’ll get right back to you.