To honor old souls in the newness of spring, Greyboy Pet Prints is offering a spring pet portrait special. Don’t wait to have artwork made of your pet! Our best friends simply don’t live long enough but we want to remember them forever! (Please don’t miss the INVALUABLE resource I share in this post on caring for aging pets.)

20% off all photo sessions and handmade pet etchings


20% of each sale goes back to Frosted Faces Foundation through Easter (4/16/17)!

Simply purchase by Easter and we will create your artwork within the next few weeks!

Pet sessions in the wildflower blooms + pet etchings made with an old fashioned printing press, metal, sunshine and ink (see images below).

The etchings can be created from your own photo OR if you’d like me to photograph for you, I’m happy to do so.

Frosted Faces is a 501c non-profit corp. based in San Diego, providing vet care and rescue from the shelters for senior animals whose lives are in jeopardy (and are very uncomfortable by the way!).


Photo sessions = $80 (reg. $100) here in Chino or $160 (reg. $200) in OC/other IE.

Photo etchings = Sml $160 (reg. $200) / Med $240 (reg. $300) / Lrg $320 (reg. $399).

Go HERE for more info on the etchings. You can order directly from this link and upload your photo. Use the code intro20 for 20% off. Once your etching is purchased, 20% of the sale goes back to Frosted Faces. Win-win! You help senior pets AND have a wonderful piece of fine art to help you remember your pet companion for decades to come (or to give as a heartfelt gift – hello Mother’s Day!). If you get stuck choosing the image to etch, just start emailing me pictures and I’ll suggest the best photo for an etching.

NOW – for the best resource I have found on aging pets – let me introduce you to my friend Sarah from Joy Sessions. She featured Greyboy’s etchings in her recent post. Look around her site and find ALL KINDS of wonderful helps for our aging pets. Bookmark her website!

My heart still aches for my senior boy Jack pictured in the spring grasses above and I know a few of you have had losses recently too. I’m sorry. It sure is an honor to help senior pets live out the last years of their life in a comfortable home with love. Let’s help Frosted Faces do this for so many others!