Here is a very special tribute and pet portrait etching created for a very loved dog, Andy:

“My boyo is Andy. He passed away last June, just shy of his 9th birthday, and there is still a hole in my heart the size of an 80-pound lab mix. I’ve had him since he was a little chunk of a pup resembling a bear cub, brought home before he could be taken to the shelter like his siblings. He was a mischievous thing, nicknamed Houdini for the many ways he figured out how to escape his kennels. He could open baby gates, take nuts off of bolts, and wiggle bolts out of holes. I finally thwarted him with bungee cables out of reach.

Paige’s picture of Andy to be etched

He was a dog that never slowed down; he always had the same drive and energy, always wanting to ‘work’ up until the end. The fall before he passed, when he was 8 years old, he completed a 120 yard water retrieve on a live goose – that is a football field. He didn’t heed the commands to come back, stubbornly staying out there swimming circles until the goose came up, focused on completing what had been asked of him.

My last memory of Andy before I buried him is him running after my car…

I had dropped him off for a week of lake time with my parents, as I had to travel for work. When he realized he wasn’t coming with me, he followed my car up until my father could grab him. A few days before I was to come pick him up, I received a call from my mother telling me he had passed away in his sleep. I immediately drove and buried him with his favorite moose toy at our family home, overlooking the tules and lake.

He wasn’t just a pet, he was my partner. I dislike being referred to as his ‘mom’, as he is a dog and has different needs and wants than a child. Andy and I were connected in a way that can only be described as soulmates; always subconsciously checking in with each other and anticipating needs and wants. He taught himself to help me take out the garbage by carrying pizza boxes and milk cartons. Andy was everything I could want in a dog; calm when necessary, but always wanting to learn and be a part of life and the party he saw it as. Everyone he met adored him – there was nothing he loved more than pinning someone down and licking their face – but he was always more comfortable when he knew where I was.

I wish I had a better way of explaining what he meant to me and how fantastic my life was with him in it. Really all I can say is if there is one animal you have that special connection with, that once in a lifetime feeling, that was Andy. He was my world and what got me up in the morning. I know I will never have that connection and that relationship with another. Of course, I will get another dog down the road and we will have a fantastic relationship, and it may be special. But it won’t be what I had with my boyo.” – written by Paige

Pet Portrait Etching of Dog Andy

Greyboy Pet Prints handmade pet portrait etching of Andy

Andy’s picture was lovingly transformed from snapshot to handmade fine art for Paige to remember him by for years to come. We loved your tribute story Paige! What a companion your “Boyo” was!!!

See at how a pet portrait etching is made and why, here at Greyboy Pet Prints, we believe pets are therapy and art is healing!