Jake the Afghan Hound is a rescue dog photographed in Palm Springs earlier this year at home just a few short months after he was adopted by his mom. They are pictured above in one of my very favorite pictures showing the strong bond they have together. I’ve photographed his mom with his predecessor, Mr. J, a few times as well and have enjoying watching and documenting her pet companions. I know she and Jake have helped each other come back from hardships. Isn’t that what our doggie friends do best: unconditional love, loyalty, bravery, constant companionship…


You can see Jake is looking a little more filled out since his last photoshoot. He’s settled in with mom now and ready for the holidays! Jake will grace their holiday card and delight their friends and family far and wide.


The majority of the photoshoot took place at his most comfortable place at home! This dog photographed in Palm Springs was very cozy and not bothered at all by mom and I fussing over him and how cute he was.


Mom wanted to make sure that Jake’s furry details were photographed: especially that cute large paw sticking through the iron decor of his bed.


What a life this boy leads and wow, how much joy does he provide for mom! Love it!


If you’d like to document your own love story, contact me for a Southern California pet photography session. You’ll enjoy artwork of your favorite furry face for years and years to come!