golden puppies by pumpkin in grass

Leo and Skye’s family wanted puppy pictures at home to be sure and remember those first weeks with their new family members! They were 10 weeks old here and settling in. These golden retriever darlings were licking peanut butter we had put on the pumpkins hoping to keep them in one place for more than a minute!

thanksgiving puppies by pumpkin

That cute fluffy puppy stage is so incredibly fleeting. Pictures were the only way to somehow freeze the moment and keep them young forever!

Leo and Skye were playing in front of their house here in the grass by the Thanksgiving pumpkins we grabbed off the porch that had been decorating their home.

The puppies love playtime in the backyard where they can rip, tear, shred anything that’s fair game (which of course their family had wisely left nothing of value in).

Puppy photo session at home in san diego

Skye and Leo’s family had waited patiently for the right time to bring them home: when they were on a holiday break and could be present to give them the attention and training they needed. They planned ahead and prepped their life for their new furry companions just like this Dog’s Life article suggests. Puppies require a lot of care and patience!

I LOVE that this family got TWO puppies to keep each other entertained and social. Here are Leo and Skye are at the end of their photo session all tuckered out. We got plenty of puppy pictures at home for their family to remember these puppy days by!

tired puppies passed out on the floor after portrait session with pet photographer

We’ll have to do another pet portrait session when they are all grown up and in their next stage of life!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a restful break, just like Leo and Skye appear to be doing! 🙂