Picture with puppy at a park in Southern CA

This purpose of this pet photo session was to get some great pictures of puppy Lucy, their new family member. She will be announced via pictures on this famiy’s holiday cards. I can imagine the squeals now!

Oh, and a great family photo with ALL including Lucy too was top priority! But first, an outtake: mom and dad getting kissed by Lucy! She had totally won over dad, who was reluctant to get a puppy. Bet she’s got him wrapped around her paw now!

Pictures with Puppy Outtake Puppy Kissing Dad

After posing everyone just so, in between the tree greenery and fence, we got this shot which will go in their holiday cards.

Family photo WITH dog for holiday card photo in Orange County CA

We had plenty of puppy snuggling and kisses before, during and after Lucy’s pet photo session in Mission Viejo by all the horse trails. It’s so easy to fall in love with that face!

Boston Terrier Puppy Pet Photographer in OC

The best portraits are always the last ones. Case in point below: I had asked Mom to hold Lucy while we packed up and hiked out. Adorable!!! I think we ended up with more pictures of puppy Lucy than any others in this Southern California photo session 🙂

Mom snuggling puppy in crook of arm giving her a kiss at end of photo session

I can imagine Lucy now, getting snuggled on Christmas morning with all the excitement of the day. What a lucky pup AND a lucky family to call this little one their own for life! Pets are family and I love to document their stories through portraits to treasure for life!

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