I’m sharing with you today pictures of a senior dog to remember. Her name is Maggie, otherwise known as Mom’s shadow 🙂

Pictures of a Senior Weimaraner to Remember

Pictures of a Senior Dog to Remember

Maggie is a sweet Weimaraner who was adopted from a breeder rescue out of Los Angeles as a senior when she was 10 years old. That makes me love her parents already! I wish more people knew what awesome partners senior pets make! They are already trained, calm and ready to snuggle!

Photos of senior dog at home with family being herself

So, Maggie is 14 years old now and just likes to lay around the house and follow Mom wherever she goes! We started our photo session with Maggie sitting on the furniture in the living room at home. She started hamming it up right away!

Dog Photos at the Park in Orange, CA

Once she knew I was there to take pictures, we all slowly walked to her favorite park nearby in Orange, Peter’s Canyon Park, which is where we took her pictures for her Orange County pet photo session. That is where she is used to walking around the park and most comfortable.


Maggie just wanted mom as alot of doggies do, so we took some pictures of Maggie with mom and dad close by and then slowly walked home at Maggie’s pace.

Senior Dog Photos at Home

To finish up Maggie’s dog portrait session, we snapped a couple more photos out in her backyard. Outdoors, Maggie has a chair she’s comfortable sitting in and it made a great backdrop for her pictures of a senior dog to remember 🙂

photo of good-looking older weimaraner

The paisley pattern with blues and greens played nicely with Maggie’s short gray fur.

Senior Gray Dog Being Pet by Mom sitting for her dog photo session in Orange

See that look of love she’s giving mom? Adorable!

Relaxed photo session at home with older dog hard of hearing Orange C

This was one of the favorite pictures of this sweet dog as she is relaxed and looking beautiful. Can you tell by the next portrait, I had a bird fly over my head? Maggie perked right up and intently looked over my shoulder.


Dog Portraits in a Photo Album to Enjoy

Mom and Dad ended up with a beautiful portrait album full of these pictures of their senior dog to remember her long, long down the road. What a joy to meet these three and get to freeze time for them with some artful portraits!

pet photographer album dog photos

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Great job, Maggie, Mom, and Dad! Enjoy your portraits and please keep in touch! 🙂