This photoshoot for dogs in SoCal comprised of these 3 cute Yorkies photographed together in the gorgeous sunset lighting! These cute pups photographed together are all related! “Little Bit” (in the middle) is the senior and mama of the crew. Romeo (L) and Phoebe (R) are siblings.

What does everyone want out of their photoshoot?
A nice photo where ALL eyes are open with happy faces looking at the camera TOGETHER.  Dogs will be dogs and Phoebe (with the dark pink bow) was moving around (as dogs do!).  We can usually make portrait magic happen with enough patience, squeaky toys, and treats but with multiple doggies, it is sometimes necessary to do some Photoshop magic (bet you can’t even tell). Of the 20 – 30 pictures taken of them on the low ledge, we chose the best 2 pictures and pieced them together. I took Phoebe from her best portrait and brought her into the best of the other two dogs. With a little smoothing and fine tuning, we got the below portrait of ALL three looking adorable!


They were very interested in what their family was doing! All looked in unison to their right and we got a profile portrait of them as well.


The last one of mom’s favorites is below with all three little dogs looking back at the camera. Adorable pups!!!


Dog Portraits to Enjoy For Decades!
Their mom will now have the digital files, archival prints and a BEAUTIFUL large black trio frame to enjoy her favorite 3 portraits from this photoshoot for 3 cute Yorkie / Schnauzer mix pups.

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Get in touch with me, Greyboy Pet Prints photographer Mandi, to have me come out to YOUR SoCal location and photograph your own adorable pets like these guys! Wiggly dogs and shy cats welcome! 😉

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