Envious of everyone else’s CA wildflower super bloom photos, I just had to find a spot to take photos with my dog in the CA wildflowers super bloom. We found a poppy field in Southern CA (Orange County) and went on an adventure!

CA Orange Poppy Fields

We hiked to a gorgeous spot along the hill with a path yielding plenty of the beautiful orange poppy on either side of it and the yellow mustard seed and purple lupine mixed in. We set Willow on the most level spot of the path and let her look wherever she wanted – out into the canyon watching the butterflies and birds buzzing around.

Photos With My Dog in The CA Wildflowers Super Bloom

I did ask her one of her trigger words, “Where’s…..?” (my son) or “Want to do for a walk?” to get her to look over at me. Looks like she is about to say something, right?!

Remembering The Good Times With Our Dog

We love Willow to pieces and now that she is 8 years old, I wanted to make sure we have plenty of pictures of her in the beauty surrounding us so we can remember the good times with her.

If you’re in SoCal (Southern CA) and want to know where to find some wildflower poppy fields, HERE you go. If you’d like me to help you and your own dog remember life as it is now together in this springtime beauty, you can find more info about a Greyboy Pet Prints photo session on my pet photography page or just get in touch.

Happy Spring everyone!