I knew this past summer we were nearing the end with our senior kitty, so I made sure to take photos of my cat at home with peony flowers. We did this while “Paris” (named by my stepdaughter after her favorite city) still looked healthy so our memory would be of her in her healthy days.

Tabby cat with pink peony flowers

Photos of my Cat at Home with Peony Flowers

I took these photos of Paris with my film camera, an old Mamiya, as I so love the depth and richness you get with using film versus the sharp, almost too precise, feel you get with digital. And, who doesn’t love peony flowers!? They added a feminine touch to Paris’ kitty portraits.

I’m sharing with you, not only our photos of my cat at home here in SoCal, but also our experience with her health as something I share might help someone else

I knew something was amiss with Paris the past couple years as her water drinking increased and she would vomit frequently. I had taken her about 9-12 months ago to get lab work at her vet but they said nothing was wrong. She seemed to be doing alright for a bit after that but in the past month or so she really declined. That’s when I decided to take her to Dr. Leong, a holistic vet in Orange County, CA that was recommended to me by one of my pet photo clients.

Trust Your Gut!

We drove almost an hour to see Dr. Leong at Tustin Care Animal Hospital because I wanted to see a holistic vet. By the way, she shared with me an EXCELLENT resource for finding a holistic vet close to YOU. Go to Ahvma.org to the “Find a Vet” button and search by state to find a certified holistic vet near you!

SO, Dr. Leong said Paris looked pretty healthy but would do bloodwork to check our cat’s levels. The results revealed Paris is in the beginning stages of kidney failure. (Trust your gut! If you feel something is wrong, it just may be.)

Dr. Leong recommended we make sure Paris is ONLY on wet food, and a GOOD wet food such as Weruva, Fromm or Instinct – all canned high quality foods. Plus, we should be giving her subcutaneous fluids once a week.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE wet canned QUALITY food makes!

Just in changing Paris over from mostly kibble to wet canned food (with probiotics and a bit of bone broth added), she started getting off her heating blanket and back to her old tricks like racing up the stairs to the scratching post! When we added fluids every Friday, that really returned her spunk!

So, I hope what we learned here will help someone else too!

Your Own SoCal Photo Session at Home

For those of you interested in a SoCal photo session at your own home or if you’re looking for a pet photographer to take pictures of you and your dog at the wildflower superbloom (sorry kitties – we’ll bring the flowers to you at home :-), don’t take time for granted! Please contact me and don’t wait to create tangible artwork of your favorite furry face looking their best! Get in touch for your own pet photo session. You’ll treasure those portraits even decades later! I know we will cherish these portraits of my cat at home 🙂