This pet photography session in Eastvale at home (Inland Empire of SoCal) consisted of 5 smiling dogs and their people. The goal here was to get one good family shot with ALL dogs looking at the camera. You can bet this will go on a holiday card!


We wanted everyone to relax and be themselves for a great family portrait WITH the dogs. This usually happens towards the end of a pet photography session when everyone has relaxed a little and the dogs are used to the camera.Family-Photo-With-Dogs

This yard was a great backdrop for a photoshoot, so we found a few choice spots and photographed there. Many treats were involved! 🙂


Each doggie was photographed doing what they do best: Bugsy on mom’s lap,

Kahlua RIGHT next to mom’s side. (Bugsy and Kahlua wanted to be RIGHT next to mom. From what I heard, they are mom’s shadow.)


Bessy was happy to run around in the grass playing and looked up for a moment at the camera with her happy smile.


Cleo’s favorite was rolling in the grass and looking cute.


And…we saved the best for last, ha, ha! The paparazzi caught Bugsy on a potty break!


The whole point of all of this in the pet photo session is to help mom and dad remember those funny things our pet companions do – the silly stances, the sweet i-love-you expression, the sidekick moments… They will have these as a keepsake in print and digital files.

It’s so worth it to remember them as they are while they are here with us! Contact me to help you with this if you are in the SoCal area. I’m here to help!