Pet photography Corona Session for a cute Cockapoo senior doggie!


It’s examples like this, of Emma and her mom’s pet photography Corona session, that show in living, breathing color, our Greyboy Pet Prints tagline: “Where Pets are Therapy and Art is Healing.” This 12 year old fluffy gal (who has more spunk than I’d ever seen in a senior dog) is mom’s heart dog and companion! Emma is a healthy happy pup running around the house following mom around. She is her mom’s shadow, her comedic relief, and cuddle buddy when needed.

Here Are The Portraits from Her Pet Photography Session


Emma’s Story

Believe it or not, just a couple months before this pet photography Corona session, Emma was admitted at Advanced Vet Internal Medicine (AVIM) and not doing so well. Thankfully she received excellent care at AVIM and was able to come home and be her happy Emma self.

It’s when we realize life is so fragile and we may not hold that love in our arms forever, that we want to somehow freeze in time that face we love and those moments we currently enjoy (chewing her favorite ball, cuddling up on Mom’s shoulder….).


Emma’s mom wanted to be able to see what that cute fluffy white face looks like over her shoulder so I photographed the two of them cuddling for a few minutes. They enjoyed some snuggle time and Mom told Emma how much she is loved.


THEN, we had some fun and let Emma run around with her ball and be allowed up on mom’s bed for some cute pictures. She smiled pretty for a minute then went nose first into the blankets wiggling all over enjoying the few moments of playing on mom’s bed.


This is her VERY favorite ball! She wanted this red ball with her everywhere she went.


You’re adorable Emma and definitely mom’s shadow! Glad we were able to photograph you while you’re healthy and loving life with Mom!

Pet Art to Treasure

Mom wants to sit your artwork next to her bedside to see your happy smiling face beside her for decades to come! Thank you for letting us photograph you in your silly loving way! GOOD GIRL!