Stunning Pasadena cat portraits was the goal of this pet photography session with kitties Lando and Kingsley plus their veterinarian mom, Dr. Theresa Loo. She serves the LA area with veterinary care and also has a website called where she gives free expert advice about better living with your cat. She says she never has enough time in a regular vet appointment to share all the info she has gained in her years of seeing kitty patients so she volunteers that info through her monthly blog posts on her website.

Pasadena Cat Portraits

Tabby with black background photographed in Eagle Rock Pasadena by Greyboy Pet Prints

I photographed Theresa and her cats at their home in Pasadena/Eagle Rock area. She and I had met at CatCon Worldwide where I learned all about what she does and heard about her own babies, Lando and Kingsley. She wanted to get some great shots to use on her website and for enjoying at home as well. Here she giving Kingsley a kiss.

Portrait of a Veterinarian and Her Cat

photo of vet and her cat as she gives him a kiss

Before their photo session, I had asked Theresa to share about her cats’ personalities and likes / dislikes so I could do my best photographing them for her. She described Kingsley as cautious and fearful who loves running their stairs, following her and snuggling.

Kitty Personality Portraits

Handsome Tabby Big Boy Cat portrait at home on a blanket and gray chair

Lando, her kitty with the sunny disposition, was described as loving to sleep, eat and sun himself. Right after I arrived, he proved that to be true. Here he is totally comfortable on his chair by the window. Yes, he is named after Lando in Star Wars 🙂

stink eye look from tabby cat photographed at home in Pasadena area

I think he was deciding if he approved of me (that look) 😉

Kingsley was a crack-up running around the place showing off.

wide eyed gray and white kitty crouched on a ledge looking at the camera for Greyboy Pet Prints

I caught him on camera for a minute before he leaped off the ledge for more playtime. Kingsley was named after Kingsley Shacklebolt from Harry Potter!

Silly tabby cat rolling on sisal rug during his photo session in Pasadena with Mandi of Greyboy

Both kitties started to wind down and get used to what I was doing there photographing them.

Cute gray and white tabby cat laying on the couch at home for his photo session in Pasadena

This boy LOVES his mama and followed her around looking for treats.

Gray and white tabby laying on the white kitchen counter after his portrait session at home in Eagle Rock LA

Lando was being calm, cool and collected. He likes to sit on this chair and watch the world go by.

Brown tabby cat sitting on the top of a chair at home for his cat portrait

As I was saying goodbye after we viewed their portraits on my laptop, we noticed Lando found a cool hiding spot of his own (my bag). Luckily, my camera will still available so I could photograph him being a typical cat.

brown tabby hiding in gray bag on wood floor at the end of his cat photo session in Pasadena

It was such fun to photograph these two with their mom. Visit the Greyboy Pet Prints site for more info about booking your OWN SoCal photo session at home.

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