Palm Springs Pet Photography for Afghan Hound Jake

Palm Springs Pet Photographer, Mandi, documents a rescued hound in his new home:
Wow, does this Palm Springs Pet Photography session have a star and a story! Jake came from a horrible hoarding situation in South Korea where he and 6 other Afghan Hounds were kept in filthy wire cages. He had to be quarantined before he came to Southern CA to settle in with his new mom in the Palm Springs area of CA.


Jake was severely underweight and heartworm positive when he arrived to the USA in March of 2017. Jake’s new mom adopted him from The Afghan Hound Rescue of Southern CA in the fall of 2017 and has worked alot with him to get his weight up and to gain his trust. I must say I see alot of dogs following their mom around, but Jake was GLUED to his mom. Here they are with mom telling him what a good boy he is and Jake listening to her.


He did not care a bit for any of the usual attention getters I use when I photograph dogs, such as the squeaky toy, my own noises, or even a treat. The treat was mom’s attention! So, wherever I wanted Jake to look, I had mom come stand.


Mom wanted pictures of her new dog, Jake, to document how he looked when she first got him. She knows he will be transformed over time into a handsome, filled out, beautiful boy! You can see that he is still shaved (from being quarantined) and has some more weight to gain. I’m sure his movie star hair will grow out and be fabulous!


After he got some cuddles and pets from mom, Jake took a good long stretch out on the patio.


I love this look Jake is giving mom (above) and those cute whiskers under his chin! Isn’t it those fine details that makes them who they are and those features that we want to remember forever?

Something these two like to do together is mom plays the piano and Jake lies down and listens. This was my favorite part of their Palm Springs Pet Photography session! Mom began playing the piano and Jake moved over to the kitchen to lay on the cool tile and relax while listening to the beautiful music mom made.


The other part of this heartwarming story of love and rescue (for both of them!) is: Jake’s mom had to say goodbye to her Afghan Hound companion, Mr. J, a few months ago. This mom knew she needed a buddy and couldn’t stand a quiet home so she searched for another Afghan Hound who needed a home. She saw Jake’s picture online through the Afghan Hound Rescue of Southern CA and knew she needed him (and he needed her!).


It’s these endearing images that are my favorite! These are the ones that really portray that bond we have with these creatures that intertwine their souls with ours.

I look forward to being Jake’s Palm Springs Pet Photographer again at the end of the year to provide portraits of him looking healthy and regal for holiday cards! Til then, great job to the rescue group and to Jake’s mom in rescuing Jake and helping him transform and heal! I cannot wait to finish documenting his transformation later this year!

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