Here is a fun Oceanside pet photography session for Nala, the 2022 Dogs on Deployment Mascot. She is the ambassador this year sharing their story and spreading the DoD mission.

Dogs on Deployment helps military members find a temporary home for their pets while a dog mom or cat dad deploys. DoD matches a pet in need with a foster or sometimes helps provide boarding for a shorter deployment. On occasion, they also help with financial assistance when a service member has an extenuating circumstance with their pet.

Nala and her family won this special title and responsibility of 2022 ambassador due to their amazing story! And, if you are familiar with Greyboy Pet Prints, I am ALL about the stories of how our pets help us through this life!

“Nala has endured all the hardships a child of the military has had to endure, plus more. Not only has she been my emotional support through two divorces, but she has also been to 4 duty stations with me with no complaints, having to make all new dog friends and adapt to wherever we have moved to.

To top it off her human brother was diagnosed with Autism, and is on the high end of the spectrum. Nala lays on him to prevent him from hurting himself and is just a love bug with him.

They also are the dynamic duo for getting into mischief as siblings do. They share food together, yes both human and dog. I wake up to the both on top of me cuddled like tomorrow isn’t promised.

This little girl is more than just a dog. She is my son’s and my world.”

See why they won? I do! This SoCal pet photo session was donated to them along with a handcrafted etched portrait (pictured below) from Greyboy Pet Prints.

I want them to have a heartfelt documentation of these years together through photos and fine art from their Oceanside pet photography session.

Once Nala’s mom took a look at her photographs taken in Oceanside with her dog and son, she chose her favorite portrait from that day to be etched and printed on my Grammy’s printing press so she’s got a fine art treat to enjoy.

Here is her etched fine art made with sunshine, metal, ink, and Italian cotton paper.

Hillary, who just celebrated 10 years in the Navy, is a direct recipient of support from Dogs on Deployment. Since getting involved with DoD, she knows that Nala is safe and cared for while she’s deployed – allowing her to give her all to her role as a gunner’s mate. Service members like Hillary can focus on what they need to, while knowing that their pets are safe and sound.

Be sure to check out Dogs on Deployment so you know exactly how they help military families. You’ll see a few of these images there, helping DoD spread their mission and celebrate wonderful stories of pet ownership and life-saving companionship.

More information on Oceanside pet photography sessions (and other Southern California locations) can be found on my website.

Thank you Nala and family and to the rest of you military families as well! You are resilient and amazing!