Something really cool happened during this dog photoshoot in Oceanside. IN ADDITION to the perfect weather and meeting the adorable Husky, Nala, and her family, two strangers made my eve. I’ll share in a minute, but first – an introduction…

Meet Nala, the 2022 Dogs on Deployment Mascot, who will be an ambassador this year for Dogs on Deployment who helps military families be able to keep their pets while they deploy by matching them with a foster or helping provide boarding. They also sometimes are able to help with financial assistance when a family has an extenuating circumstance.

Nala and her family won this special title and responsibility due to their amazing story! And, if you are familiar with Greyboy Pet Prints, I am ALL about the stories of how our pets help us through this life!

“Nala has endured all the hardships a child of the military has had to endure, plus more. Not only has she been my emotional support through two divorces, but she has also been to 4 duty stations with me with no complaints, having to make all new dog friends and adapt to wherever we have moved to.

To top it off her human brother was diagnosed with Autism, and is on the high end of the spectrum. Nala lays on him to prevent him from hurting himself and is just a love bug with him.

They also are the dynamic duo for getting into mischief as siblings do. They share food together, yes both human and dog. I wake up to the both on top of me cuddled like tomorrow isn’t promised.

This little girl is more than just a dog. She is my son’s and my world.”

See why they won? I do! They also won a SoCal pet photo session and printed portrait from me and Greyboy Pet Prints.

I want them to have a heartfelt documentation of these years together through photos and fine art from their photo session in Oceanside.

Once Nala’s mom takes a look at her photographs taken in Oceanside with her dog and son, she gets to choose one image to be etched and printed on my Grammy’s printing press so she’s got a fine art treat to enjoy.

Which photo do you think should be transformed into etched fine art with my Grammy’s printing press? We’d love to hear! It will look something like this.

NOW, what happened that really made my day during their shoot? Beside meeting them and having some fun, two sweet older ladies walked by our shoot and stopped to thank Nala’s mommy for her service in the military. WOW! I thought that was so wonderful.

Be sure to check out Dogs on Deployment so you know exactly how they help military families. As a former military brat, following my dad around between CA and VA, I know what it’s like to be a military kid, Nala!

Thank you Nala and family and to the rest of you military families as well! You are resilient and amazing!