I’m a Horse Photographer in Orange County that was ecstatic to finally meet “Jack” in San Juan Capistrano. His mom had me photograph their dogs year after year and knew it was now time for horse photographs too, especially to share Jack with friends and family on their holiday card this year!

You can see below they will not just have holiday cards from their photo session, but also some beautiful fine art prints to hang on the wall and remember that adorable face that is so loved!


By the way, Jack Shadow used to be a stunt horse! He is an older fella now and his mom knew him from long ago. Now he is hers and loving SoCal life!

Mom wanted a handcrafted etching of him from her favorite photo that day. I create these using sunshine, metal, ink, cotton paper and my Grammy’s printing press.

Below is his etched print (and metal plate) that were paired together and cranked through the printing press. I wonder where she will put his custom horse portrait once she receives it. I know she’s in love with her boy and wants a special keepsake of him.


It’s fun when I get to photograph a very loved companion and then handcraft the photo into a very special fine art treasure. (Usually people are emailing me their cell phone shots to have me handcraft an etching of their own snapshots.)

Here is the signed art, ready to be matted and packaged up for his mom.

Horse-Photographer-Orange-County-Custom-Horse-Portrait of cute horse face

As a horse photographer in Orange County, I love helping horse parents create special art like Jack Shadow’s. I look forward to seeing him again and feeding him a carrot!

Wishing everyone happy holidays filled with peace and love!