A hot mess! At least that is what we all felt like on that sunny, humid (for SoCal) summer eve chasing around 2 dogs and 2 cute kiddos. The spectators looking on: mom, auntie, grandpa and grandma were wondering if we were getting ANY good shots to frame of their grandkids and dogs photographed in San Juan Capistrano. I assured them we were and that the portraits at the end of the shoot are always the best as those are the relaxed, let loose ones where everyone looks like themselves. (As was the case with this portrait of all of them together.)

After doing the standard posed shots in the garden of their front yard, we let darling dogs Teddie, the Pomeranian, and Riley, the Collie, run wild on the golf course!

Favorite Portraits From Their Pet Photo Session

I can feel it, when I snap a picture and know that’s “the one.”

For these cute grandkids and dogs photographed in San Juan Capistrano, it was these images I could feel would be the winners. See at the bottom if mom and dad chose these too!

Collie, Riley, smiling big in the front garden,

and this one of Teddie by the yellow flower looking like such a pretty little lady,
with grandson leaning like Mr. Handsome against the tree with the gorgeous sunlight on him.
and granddaughter, age 2, finally getting to do what she wanted (run wild!) in the grass.
It was tons of fun and I smiled right after their session as we were looking through the images on my computer when grandma (photographed with Teddie below) exclaimed, “You were right! We DID get some great ones and they were at the end just like you said.”

What Most People Feel For Their Photoshoot

It’s common to worry if everyone will behave and if there will be good portraits to be had, but rest assured, a pet portrait session with Greyboy Pet Prints is relaxed, yet professional. We adjust as we go to make sure everyone is at ease and we are getting great portraits to enjoy for a very long time in the future.This next image wasn’t the main goal of the session, as a shot with both kids and both dogs was, but it was nice to get the two dogs together on the golf course. Here they are watching dad!


Enjoying Portraits For Many Years to Come

Riley and Teddie’s parents decided to enjoy their portraits of their very favorite people and pets up on their living room wall in a black rustic chunky frame with off-white matting. Here is what their wall of happiness will look like as they enjoy it everyday at home!

They also will enjoy a couple loose prints and, the funnest: a smartphone album so they can take their favorite images with them wherever they go!

Contact Me For Your Own Photo Session

For lovely portraits brought out of hot messes, email or call me 🙂 Let’s work some magic now that the weather is cooling, before I get booked up for the holidays!
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