WOW! This story of sweet Olive is amazing! Her mom wanted Gotcha Day Photos to celebrate Olive’s one year adoption anniversary this month!

Last year she saw that Priceless Pets Rescue was in need of adopters for the Beagles they rescued from a breeding facility. Mom knew Olive was meant for her after seeing her photo! She adopted Olive from Priceless Pets Rescue and has given her the best care in a loving forever home since February 24, 2022.

Gotcha day photos at the park

After they found my SoCal petite photo sessions online, we chatted and planned the date and location of their Gotcha Day Photos. I met Olive and her mom at a park near me in Eastvale, California (near Corona and Chino Hills). Olive was so friendly right away and won my heart over immediately!

I listened intently as I learned more about Olive and her story. I could tell that mom loved Olive immensely! She had even created a handmade bandana that said “Envigo Survivor” to show what a healed warrior Olive is.

Olive still has separation anxiety and of course does not like the crate, but has come a LONG way over the past year!


If you’d like, you can read the news story of the hundreds of Beagles that were in need of rescue. What a miracle it is that Olive is here and doing so well one year later!

dog photos for the wall

Soon, Olive’s portraits will be hanging on the wall to make mom and dad smile as they are so proud of their girl and her progress! I will create a layout for mom to see what their wall will look like with portraits of Olive hanging up.

Olive’s favorite things

Olive did great for her photo session! She is highly treat motivated, so I held the treats by me and also did some silly sounds to get her to look at me.

It’s funny how it can be difficult to get our own pets to pose for us, but having a photographer to do that for you, makes it so much easier. Trust me – I know with my own dog, ha!

These two are quite the duo and I wish them many happy years together as Olive feels more and more comfortable, even when mom and dad aren’t home. What an amazing little girl!

thank you

Thank you so much to those of you who also have rescued your pets and even helped them come such a long way like Olive. Keep up the great work and thank you to our rescues that go WAY out of their way (like this cross country trip that Priceless Pets took to rescue Olive and her buddies in Virginia)!

What a huge difference rescuing a pet makes, not just for the pet, but also for each of us! We take a leap of faith to adopt and work with our pets to gain their trust. What a bond we enjoy with their unconditional love, right?!