What fun! This was the 3rd Annual Egg Hunt for Dogs in Chino CA hosted by Greyboy Pet Prints where dogs get to search for hidden plastic eggs with treats inside and turn in their egg for a prize!

There were dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages ready for the Easter fun!

Everyone waited patiently and played nicely while they got ready for the Egg Hunt to start.

A lot of dogs made new friends!

Everyone lined up ready to start!

3, 2, 1, GO! Off they went!

They ran and ran to where the eggs were hidden. Each family found one egg with their dog.

Then they turned in their egg for a prize.


Many thanks to Kahoots (Chino Hills) for sending along some of the prizes and swag for the take-home goodie bags! Also, a HUGE thank you to Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Salon in the Inland Empire area! The grand prize (that attending pets who shared on social media got to enter for) is for a $100 groom with Vanity Furs! 

It was fun watching everyone play and enjoy their treats after the hunt. Another fun year for the SoCal dogs egg hunt! Yay! Thanks to everyone who came and helped!

Thank you so much to The Parkhouse at The Preserve‘s help at the Welcome Table and with decorations this year!

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