Are you like me? Because my pets are family, I want to make sure they are getting the best care and best products to help them lead a happy, healthy, long life. Normally on this blog, we are talking about Greyboy Pet Prints pet photography and handmade pet portrait etchings, but I know my clients will benefit from hearing about these products.

Below are the AWESOME goodies I found at the 2017 SuperZoo tradeshow in Vegas (over 4 miles of things to see!). I’m trying these to solve problems I’ve noticed with my own pets (fleas, chance of getting lost, helps for walks, great food options, and calming products). So, here are my favorite SuperZoo products:

FLEA problem solved (no more dangerous topical flea meds!):
I had previously shared about essential oils and how they can help fight fleas (and other ailments). To also help fight fleas and ticks naturally, I found at SuperZoo:

Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Spot-On (Plant Based Formula) For Dogs:


They have lots more sprays, etc. but I was interested to try this since it’s what we are used to (topical application): Ingredients: Clove Oil, Thyme Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Isopropyl Myristate (synthetic oil used as an emollient, thickening agent, or lubricant in beauty products), Vanillin (primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean).

SonicGuard Ultrasonic tick and flea protection: (for both cats and dogs)


Chemical Free, Silent to Pets & People, No Reapplying (Lasts around a year)
I spoke to the maker and he was telling me to face the open lines TOWARD the pet when you hang it on their collar. So excited to try this favorite SuperZoo product!

– aOaO Natural Pet:


Spray (on your hands and rub through their fur) and roll-on (roll onto collar)
Pet care products are derived from recipes passed down from their great grandmother, used by their family for generations on them and their animals. Their backgrounds (including PhDs) in organic chemistry and research complement the historical recipes with science to create quality all natural products.

LOST pets solution + way more:

– Pet Widget:


A device that hangs on the pet’s collar that is a QR code enabled intelligent pet ID tag, which is linked to your pet’s profile created in the Pet Widget app. It’s designed to help lost pets reunite with their families. The person finding your pet can scan the unique QR code with a smartphone and find the owner’s info. You can also watch via GPS where your dog is being walked 🙂

ACCESSORIES to help on walks and hikes:

Ruffwear’s Travel Products:


Ruffwear is KING for outdoor and travel with pets gear, like this collapsible, dishwasher (top level) safe! It’s called the “Quencher.” I’m buying one right now.

The MudBuster:


My mother-in-law lives on an acre+ in Northen CA with her dog who LOVES to tromp around in the mud on her property after the frequent rains! She is always saying how it’s such a pain to wipe off her doggie’s feet before they come indoors. I found the perfect solution! The Mudbuster provides a quick cleaning of muddy paws. It’s an easy-to-grip tumbler with soft, gentle, thick silicone bristles inside. Just add a little water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist of the tumbler, dry the paw and repeat for the other 3 paws!


– The Honest Kitchen:


I’m a huge fan of The Honest Kitchen (HK). They offer human grade minimally processed food for pets. Switching from highly processed pet food to minimally processed, vibrant whole foods from The Honest Kitchen made a HUGE difference in my own dog’s coat once I started him on HK. High quality food like HK can also help with itching, scratching, upset tummies and more. They gave me a sample of their probiotic to try for my cat that always throws up. It’s working!

Spot Farms:


I also wanted to try Spot Farms. which also offers dehydrated human grade food made in the US. This is easy to find (major chain pet stores) and pretty affordable.

Doc And Phoebe’s No Bowl System for Cats:


The bowl-free, natural way to feed your cat. Make your cat “hunt” for it’s food to cut down on boredom and to encourage a happier and healthier lifestyle. Fill the cat food dispenser and hide it to let them hunt for their food! So excited to try this for my bored Maine Coon mix, Stuart!

FURNITURE for pet homes:

Sauder Pet Home:


Fun, functional pet furniture for your home! I loved their coffee table pet bed (pictured here) and the cat cradle side table especially. I actually spoke to the designer himself! This furniture is beautiful AND affordable!

CALM for anxiety and other issues:

Calm K9:


A calm dog is a content dog. That is why the Calm K9 supplement treats were created there at the Dale Edgar location in Kansas. Ingredients are all natural: chamomile, ginger, etc. Old world quality meets new world innovation!

Noble Pet Company:


I spoke with the owner, Lisa, who let me try one of their aromatherapy patches. I tried the lemongrass, which would ward off fleas and insects from a pet (put it on their collar, leash, etc.), but I was most interested in the “At Peace” with lavender and chamomile patches since my dog, Willow, has anxiety. I’m excited to try these little patches, that you press to release the oil.

Bark Avenue:


Bark Avenue is a family owned company also with a treat for calming help. In fact, these all natural treats are infused with a touch of hemp oil to help with medical issues such as seizures, inflammation, GI trouble, anxiety, pain, etc. Their product is hemp plant derived, NOT medical cannabis. This hemp plant derivative does not generate any “high,” but helps with the medical issues mentioned above. They also have a hip and joint formula. I’m hoping my sister’s dog likes the sample I brought home for her, so she can get some relief from arthritis, inflammation, and anxiety in her old age.

That’s a wrap on these favorite SuperZoo products discovered!

I’m going to pack the water bowl by Ruffwear and the lavender oil patches in my camera bag – ready to share on our next pet photo session! At Greyboy Pet Prints, we believe pets are therapy and art is healing. Therefore, we strive our best to take care of our pet family, as I’m sure you do too!

Hope you’ll check these companies out and try any products you think may help your own pet. Comment or email me to let me know how you like them! Share with a friend if you found this helpful!