To celebrate Father’s Day with your animal companion, here are some suggestions for fun So Cal outings for dogs and dads! (We have ideas for cat owners too – scroll down!)


• Kayak or SUP together:
Newport Aquatic Center had a Yelp review which said they were very dog friendly. Do call or google and check it out first! (949)646-7725.

Enjoy the beach together:
1. The perfect outing for dogs and dads!
Stroll along the beach with your dog on leash:

– Corona Del Mar: before 10am and after 4:30pm
– Newport Beach and Bay: before 10am and after 5pm
– Along the cliffs at Laguna Beach
– Dana Point’s Salk Creek Beach Park

2. Dog Beaches (off leash):
– Rosie’s Dog Beach: 5000 E Ocean Blvd., Long Beach (There is a pug event on Sat.)
– Huntington Beach Dog Beach: 100 Goldenwest St. (Then eat at Secret Spot or Park Bench Cafe!)

• Dine With Your Dog:
Dogs on leash are allowed to dine on the patio with you at restaurants that allow it. I shared our favorite places to bring along our dog in Greyboy’s Pet Guide given to email subscribers. Here are some resources to research for yourself if you’d like. Orange County dog friendly restaurantsInland Empire Dog Friendly Restaurants.


OR of course, you can stay home and keep cool together in the AC:
• NetFlix binge together. How About “A Dog’s Life” documentary?
• Play a game of fetch or laser pointer.
• Enjoy some favorite frozen goodies for dogs and cats ( by
– Ice cubes (Plain and simple! My dog LOVES them)
– A taste of frozen yogurt (Simply freeze regular yogurt. It’s good for their digestive tracks too!.)
– Tuna (Freeze small bites on parchment paper.)
– Cheese chunks
– Hot dog bits cut lengthwise in strips
– Baby food (Nothing containing onion powder. Freeze in mini muffin cups.)


Whatever you choose to do, Greyboy Pet Prints wishes you a very Happy Father’s Day! Life is all about relationships, family, connecting and remembering. Here at Greyboy Pet Prints, we believe pets are family! Go enjoy your animal companion this weekend!