Dog Photo Session in Orange

The purpose of this Dog Photo Session in Orange was for Shana and her family to have some great family portraits WITH the dogs for holiday cards and to also enjoy as framed portraits on the wall at home.

Dog and Family Portraits From Their Session

Let’s begin with the end: this was their favorite shot, which we patiently waited for holding still and being quiet at the very end of their pet photo session.

We had started with photographing all of them together, dogs at their feet. I used a squeaky toy and all kinds of silly sounds to get everyone looking at me. We got some genuine smiles and puppy looks.

Cute Family Photo WITH the dogs

When the pups were done sniffing around and feeling more relaxed, they were photographed being themselves, lying in the grass out in the yard. This is Blue, the elder pup being her perfect self.

Cute Individual Portraits of the Pups By Themselves:


Humphrey, the puppy, had other plans! This was SO him, chewing on his leash, ready for some fun, which is why mom loved this portrait. It made the holiday card and framed trio portrait.


Why Do a Photoshoot with the Dogs:

I had photographed this lovely family before, 4 years ago, when it was just the two of them and Blue. Again, we had created holiday cards and framed pet portraits for their walls. WIth a new puppy joining the family that year, they were excited to show their news with friends and family in their holiday card. Who doesn’t love to see new additions to the family?

What a fun occassion and delightful dog photo session in Orange CA! Watch a Greyboy Pet Prints pet photo session in action HERE to see what a dog photoshoot is like!