FAQs about custom pet art etchings:

Most people commission custom pet art etchings as a gift for a loved one or sometimes for themselves to remember a loved animal companion or even just a special memory with that companion that they’d like to enjoy for years to come. These etchings are a GREAT way to transform a snapshot (even a cell phone shot) into fine art. You can see before and after images and read testimonials at the bottom of this page, but first, here are Q and A’s!


How do I order a pet portrait etching?

Simply go HERE to choose your size, make your payment, and send over some snapshots. I’ll suggest which image is best for your custom pet art etching (if you need help). It’s best to send over the original image (without filters). If you simply want some direction first on the image, go ahead and email me directly through the contact page. If you don’t have an image for the etching you’d like to gift, but want to order one, you may order a beautifully wrapped gift certificate so the recipient of your gift can choose the image themselves. Simply contact me to order this.

Can I order an etching with more than one pet in it?

Yes! There is no extra charge for more than 1 pet in your handcrafted etching. I have had a request or two asking if I can create a collage of all past pets in a single etching. While we do not offer extensive Photoshop work such as that, we DO have options to create multiple etchings all the same size to be enjoyed in your frame together (ex. a trio of etchings to go into one matted frame together). We do have a FREEBIE handout for you with multiple wall design layouts integrating four pictures together, 2 together, etc. hanging together in the foyer, or in your hallway, or going up the steps… so many options and we have ALL the info you need – simply sign up to be a Greyboy VIP and you’ll receive the email to download this helpful PDF guide.

How long does it take to get one of these pet etchings shipped?

From the moment I receive images to start with, it takes me around 1 – 2 weeks to start the handmade process, finish your custom pet art, and ship to your doorstep in the U.S. (For international orders, please plan for an additional week of shipping (totaling 3 weeks from start to delivery). We can always bump up shipping if you would like that.

Will my artwork be wrapped and can I ship directly to the person I am gifting it to?

Yes! It looks like the picture below, wrapped to delight! Complimentary holiday wrapping can be added if you request it. Fine art etchings are matted in standard-sized creme-colored double mats (ready for your frame SML etching + mat = 8×10, MED = 11×14, LRG = 12×16). Each etching is hand-signed and titled, wrapped along with art card card, tissue paper, gray folder, ribbon and Greyboy Pet Prints tag! There is a place in the cart to enter a different shipping address (different than yours).
Dog-Art-Etching-in-Packaging   Holding-Pet-Art-Wrapped-in-Ribbon

Can I mail you a greeting card to include with the etching I am gifting?

Yes! Simply mail your greeting card to me at Greyboy Pet Prints PO Box 2992 Chino Hills CA 91709 and tell me in the notes section to do so (while you are placing an etching order). OR, you can add one of our cards for $5 (holiday or sympathy card – found in the cart). There will be a place to note what you’d like written in the card.


Can I really add my pet's ashes to an etching? How does that work?

Yes, I can add a tiny bit of your passed pet’s ashes into the ink of an etching. When checking out, add the “ashes kit” to your cart and I will mail you a kit which has everything you need to collect an itty bitty portion of ash to ship to me. The kit is as pictured below.


Can I order a second print of the same image? How much does that cost?
Can I order a second print of the same image? How much does that cost?

Yes, you may! Keep one, gift one! We can make multiple etching prints off of the metal plate we burned your image to. A duplicate print is half the price (ex. a duplicate medium etching would be $299 divided by 2 = $149.50 + tax). (Please see sizes and prices above to configure other sizes.) Do note that each print impressed from the plate is not a true “duplicate”, but varies a tiny bit. Since this is a handmade process, each etching print is unique. The print will look the same overall, but may vary a tiny bit on darkness, lightness, etc. They all come out beautiful and unique, which is the loveliness of the etching process!

Here are some before and after examples so you can imagine how yours might look!

“He loved it. Thank you so much for creating such precious memories that will last forever!” – Bryan
All Bryan did was email me a photo he wanted me to etch for him. He asked that I color in the Lakers’ logo so I hand colored that in for him. Here is the “before” (snapshot he emailed) and the “after” (etching transforming that original photo into fine art to hang on the wall).


“The artwork of our sweet Beto captures his specialness. It has been so difficult, but this made it better.” – Mary
Mary received this etching from a dear friend of hers. Mary’s kitty, Beto, had recently passed and she was grieving his passing.


“Thank you! I can’t believe it was at one time a cell phone picture!” – Linda
I took the “before” picture on the left that was emailed to me, and cropped it down to take out the distractions and keep the focus on Linda’s Corgi, Starr.


Greyboy Pet Prints is happy to create YOUR unique artwork to enjoy and remember your favorite companion for decades to come! Order yours HERE.