From photo to fine art

Custom pet etchings, handcrafted with love from your favorite photo.

We use traditional techniques from the art of printmaking to honor your favorite furry face in an elegant piece of artwork that will compliment any decor. Our handmade etchings are a beautiful way to remember your special companion forever!

Before (smartphone snapshot)

After (handmade etching)

“I could imagine what the etching of my furry family would be, but when I opened that package and saw the results of Mandi’s work I was simply astounded and delighted. Way more than I had anticipated! That etching will be in a place where I can gaze at it every night.”

– Meta

Our custom Etching process

After emailing a cherished photo of your pet through our website, artist Mandi will etch the image onto a metal plate. Then, your pet’s likeness will be inked with a custom color blend. If we are creating an etching of a pet that has passed, we can infuse a tiny bit of ash into the ink. Email us for details.

The inked plate is paired with dampened fine art paper and rolled through the hand-operated printing press.

Two weeks after submitting your photo, you’ll receive the signed, beautifully packaged artwork:
gorgeous etching that you’re sure to treasure for decades to come!


We make sure you love it!
100% handmade in the US.

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