I’ve been researching natural remedies and essential oils to help my pets, specifically to find an alternate to topical flea meds and also to calm my pets for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. As pet parents, we’re constantly looking for the best ways to care for our pets. Above all, we want them to be happy and healthy!

Here are some home remedies I found for managing different aspects of our pet’s health. Many of these remedies use essential oils, which have been used for years but they’ve recently found their way into the spotlight again. For good reason! Read below for the many ways essential oils and other household products can be safely utilized in naturally managing our dog and cat’s health!

*Remember, essential oils are powerful and should be used with caution. Introducing these and any other oils to your pets should be done slowly, gradually, diluted with a carrier oil, and with a thorough understanding of how they work and how to use them. Do not use the oils near your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth or any other sensitive areas. Using essential oils on cats should be done with even more caution. The use of oils and other home remedies listed below was not compiled by a medical professional and should not be taken as curative medical advice. 

Here is a guideline by Young Living Oils about how to use essential oils for specific animals:


I wish I’d known about these natural alternatives to pest control sooner! I’d used a topical flea medication from the vet on my cat and it couldn’t have gone worse! I almost had to take my poor cat to the emergency vet when he started having severe twitching and tremors from the medication!!! Luckily it wore off and he recovered, but it was scary.

Here are some home remedies for repelling fleas, ticks, and other insects.

Essential Oils for Flea Repellant

Using the infographic for application below, here are a few different oils that are excellent for guarding against pests.

Lemongrass-to repel fleas

Cedarwood-overall bug repellent

Citronella-to repel fleas, ticks, and other insects

Thyme-overall bug repellant

Lavender-overall bug repellant

Peppermint-to release ticks and other latching insects. Use one drop on the bug to encourage release.

You can also use these oils (always mixed with a carrier oil) on collars or bandanas. Take a look at the Dog Lover infographic from Young Living Oils for a great collar/bandana recipe!

Using Foods to Repel Fleas

Garlic and citrus are two foods that fleas hate!

Use a small amount of orange or lemon juice and comb over your cat or dogs fur.

Small amounts of garlic can be fed to our dog for flea prevention-¼ of a clove for every ten pounds, never to exceed (even if your dog is larger) two cloves of garlic. Garlic powder can also be sprinkled in their food.

Garlic should never be fed to cats!

Dog Clothes for Tick Prevention

We wear long sleeves and tuck our pants into our socks if we know we’re in an area with ticks. Why not do it for our pets? When your pup is running about when ticks are out, consider (even if it look silly) socks or dog sweaters to give him some extra protection against ticks.


We take care of our skin using moisturizers, lotions, itch-stopping creams, and antibiotics. It’s easy to forget about our pet’s skin when it’s covered with fur and hair. Try these home remedies for pet skin care!

Essential Oils for Pet Skin Care

Essential oils to the rescue again!

Lavender Oil is great for it’s calming effect, insect repelling qualities, and skin irritations. (It works for you, too!)

Purification, by Young Living, is an excellent oil for soothing skin, repelling pests as well as minimizing odor in pet toys, linens, and basically everything else!

Oatmeal Bath

Yes, just like when you had the chicken pox! Whether you get them to soak in an oatmeal bath or can get them to sit still enough for a ten minute oatmeal paste, it will help stop the itch of whatever ails them!


Whether they’ve snuck an entire roast off the counter or are just feeling under the weather, our pets can come down with stomach and digestive problems just as we do. Soothe upset tummies with these home remedies.

Essential Oils for Stomach and Digestion

Lemon essential oils support digestion and also deter fleas. Try diluting a very small amount in their water.

Peppermint can be used to encourage and support a healthy digestive system in dogs. Peppermint is a “hot oil” which means it’s super intense so one diluted drop will go a long ways. Use with caution and never near their eyes, mouth or nose!

DiGize, also by Young Living, is a blend that’s really good for digestion and soothing upset tummies when your furry companion has eaten another something they shouldn’t!

Foods for Constipation

When your dog or cat is feeling backed up and bloated, help them out by adding canned pumpkin or pitted, chopped, prunes to their food. These foods will help get their digestive system back on the right track.

Peroxide for “Oops” Moments

If your dog has consumed something toxic (like a large amount of stolen chocolate cupcakes) feeding them hydrogen peroxide will help to induce vomiting. Use 1 teaspoon for every 5 pounds your dog weighs.


Just as we care for our hands and feet, we should care for our pet’s paws. Here are a few home remedies to care for pet paws!

Essential Oils on Paws

Paws are sensitive areas for our pets. Through their paws you can treat many ailments, repel pests, and ease aches and pains.


Paws are prone to drying and cracking just like our own hands and feet. By cleaning them, removing debris, and applying a natural moisturizer like olive or coconut oil, you’ll be doing your pet a huge favor!

Pet Booties

Our pets, especially our dogs, love to go out and adventure. Protect their paws from hot summer asphalt, cold, rough, and sharp surfaces by utilizing dog booties. Your dog will thank you for protecting him against harsh walking surfaces!


These suggestions may help you and your pet as we discover natural ways to help our animal companions. A great way to start using oils is simply by diffusing them through a diffuser. You can buy a diffuser through an oil rep or through a home goods store. I add about 8 drops of lavender into my water-filled diffuser and enjoy the calming aroma throughout our living room and kitchen.

Thank you to Shelley, my friend and knowledgable Young Living oil rep, who you can ask questions of and order oils through. Her info is in the bottom of the infographic above. You may ask questions in the comments below!

I hope you benefit from this info and enjoy health and long years with your furry best friend! As always, I’m here to help you remember your pet companion through handmade artwork whenever you’re ready!