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Doggie Alfie – End of Life Pet Photo Session

Alfie, the cute wiener dog in Fullerton, received an “End of Life” pet photo session at his home with his 2 dog buddies and his people. His mom and dad had seen the Greyboy Pet Prints pictures hanging at Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine (AVIM) in Tustin, CA and called me about a photo session at their home in Orange County.

Photo-Session-Dachschund-Sitting-GrassAlfie’s mom asked if it might be possible to get pictures of her buddy Alfie before he passed. She explained that he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and wanted pictures sooner, rather than later, as they weren’t sure how much time they had left with their Alfie.

A few days after our call, I came out to their home and met Alfie and his doggie buds Coco and Chimi (Chimichanga). They showed me around their home and yard while telling me where Alfie usually hangs out and I chose a few of those spots for pictures that are definitely “Alfie.”

We started photographing on his favorite chair in the front room by the window he likes to look out and, of course, bark like a dachshund does! We laughed as he would not be without his ball! Alfie’s dad went outside to wave to him through the window. Here he is, being Alfie!


Alfie’s VERY favorite thing is his blue ball he carries around EVERYWHERE and shoves it to your feet for you to toss for him. We played outside just a bit as we didn’t want to tire him. His family definitely wanted a picture of Alfie with his ball.





Once we were done photographing in the backyard, the lighting was right so we went to the front patio and took some family portraits with the dogs. Here is everyone giving Alfie some pets and love.


Pets are family. They give us their all, right up to the end of their lives. We, in return, do the best we can to keep them comfortable and enhance their quality of life. Alfie’s family was doing a great job at that! During this “End of Life” photo session, we all enjoyed and celebrated Alfie with all his personality traits, favorite things to do and places to hang out.


dog-photo-3-dogs-togetherAlfie got some kisses from his buddy Coco at the end of our photo session. Coco was the kisser, Alfie was the player and Chimi was the lover of the bunch. In a world where life moves faster than we’d like, it’s nice to freeze these moments in time and special people and companions we love to remember life as it is in a tangible way. Alfie, you will be forever remembered in portraits as well in the hearts of those who love you, buddy!








  • vicki thornton

    That was beautiful Mandi. What a special family and awesome little pups! I’m sitting at work w/tears running down my face. Alfie is a cool little dude… they all are just adorable!!! My heart goes out to the family, Coco and Chimi… the loss of a family member is never easy. But at least they now have these wonderful pics to always remember how special and loved he is and always be in their hearts!!

    July 17, 2017 at 4:17 pm Reply

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