Comforter. Best friend. Lifesaver.

Those are words we use to describe Pluto, the lab mix rescued by his mom. This is a classic case of who rescued who. This dog mom works tirelessly for a local SoCal rescue group, Priceless Pets. It is there that she found this gem of a dog, who has been her loyal companion through some very difficult times. Because of the bond they share, she had me come to their home in Chino Hills to photograph that sweet Pluto face she so adores and to document the love between them.


Pluto is this family’s grounding base. He aims to please. Not only does he help his own family, but he also helps many others while on his therapy visits for the disabled and the elderly.


Pets are family.

Pets are lifelines in those dark days when you feel alone and also celebration buddies when life brings happy times. Pluto’s buddy, Gizmo the kitty, is another comforter / best friend / companion in this family. You see, Pluto and Gizmo’s boy almost lost his life to a brain tumor a few years ago. Through the surgery, therapy and tough days returning back to school, it was those warm and cozy snuggle times and that loud purr right beside this brave, strong boy that carried him through. Here he is pictured at home with Gizmo the kitty.

Pluto and mom are a bonded pair just like Gizmo and his boy.


Pets are therapy.

As their dog photography session in Chino Hills concluded, I was astounded by the heartwarming story I had heard of the bonds and healed lives present. It solidified what I believe in my heart here at Greyboy Pet Prints that pets are therapy. Pets, not just official therapy pets, but ALL loved pets are therapy. Therefore, it is my mission in life to help you remember that comforter you hold beside you, if not forever, at least through portraits.


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