Cute kitten pictures by Orange County pet photographer, Greyboy Pet Prints, coming your way! I fostered and photographed these five kittens and their mama for the Inland Valley Humane Society in Southern California.

Cute Kitten Pictures at home by Orange County pet photographer

I remember as a little girl, having our two female cats have a litter of kittens at the same time! It was a dream for me, but a nightmare for my mom. I remember one sunny afternoon, helping my mom bathe all the kittens to rid them of fleas. We had an assembly line: mom washed the kittens while my sister and I dried and cuddled them. 

Since then, I had always wanted to foster a litter of kittens. Granted, it ended up being quite a bit different being the one responsible for cleaning up their messes versus just the cuddler 🙂

Cute kitten photo to remember her young years

They are the sweetest kitties and alot of fun, so I will definitely miss them when I return them to the shelter.

By the way, this cute orange kitten is Clementine. She is always playing with the male black tuxedo cat, named Blacky. (My niece named them all and made them fun homemade toys!)

Black tuxedo kitten with homemade toy by orange county pet photographer Mandi

Blacky is the largest and most playful. He’s a fun boy always entertaining us!

 Black Tuxedo Kitten Hunting Stalking Walking at Home

I photographed the beautiful calico mom cat, that we named Trixie. She is the sweetest kitty I’ve ever met and didn’t seem to mind our dog too much when carried Trixie past her.

Beautiful Calico mom cat photo to help adoption chances

Trixie’s other three babies were photographed while they ran around and played at home. Meet Roly (the biggest eater) who has a twin named Sandy. Sandy has already been spoken for, so I’m not picturing her. Roly is the other male of this kitten bunch. He loves food and kids!

Orange Kitten Sitting Cute at Home Southern California for adoption

Last, but definitely not least, would be Baby Nessa. She is the runt of the litter so quite a bit smaller. We woke her up from her nap to photograph these cute cats at home in Southern California ready to become someone’s kitty companion for life.

Sleepy Orange Baby Kitten Tiny

All of these kitties go in for their spay and neuter tomorrow and are ready for adoption on 6/6/19 through IVHS in Pomona, CA. While it wasn’t as easy as I remembered as a child to care for a litter of kittens, it sure was rewarding and I look forward to seeing who will become their new human Mamas! They are all sweethearts!

When you’re ready for me to come and photograph your own kitty companions in Southern California, especially Orange County or Inland Empire, I’m here for you! 

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I’ll leave you with one last cute kitten picture! It’s Clem:

kitten pictures cat photographer Mandi showing cute kitten photo