Meet Hunter the Standard Poodle and doggie model for the project I was a commercial videographer for.

Videos that are FUN and share the true personality and professionalism at Pacific Care Pet Emergency and Specialty were needed for this rebrand! This veterinary hospital had changed their name and upgraded their location in Irvine, CA. They needed marketing videos for their website:

    • A promotional video (for prospective employees and vet referrals)

    • A day in the life video (for pet parents to see what it’s like there)

Below you can see Hunter at the end of his video shoot: comfy and napping. It’s tough work being an adorable dog model!

This videography was a fun, yet professional way to show a visit to their vet hospital through a dog’s eyes. While it gives many giggles, it also shows a prospective client exactly what to expect when they bring their furbaby into this hospital.

They are greeted and treated with the utmost care. This client experience is an overview of the hospital, what to expect when you arrive, etc. Come along and join in the fun as we follow Hunter around on his vet visit! (Click the image below.)

The hospital currently uses this video for marketing on their website to show prospective pet parents what their pet will experience to instill trust in their services and team.

commercial videographer for veterinary hospital

We also created a recruitment video (otherwise known as a promo video) there at their Irvine location so prospective clients and referrals can see their space and meet their professional team from reception to vet tech to veterinarian and all the support in between.

You can see this veterinary video for marketing on their website if you click the image below. It shows WHY it’s great to work there, you meet their hospital manager as well as their main doctor, and you can get a feel for the facilities and atmosphere.

On that promo video, where they are trying to attract additional referrals from other hospitals and also bring in more team members for the hospital, you’ll see my own gal, Willow. She was a model for us that day. (This commercial video job had 3 models: 1 of my own and the other 2 happened to be the hospital manager’s pups.)

veterinary videos

For the past decade, I’ve provided photography for veterinary hospitals needing headshot images of their team, a custom library of images. I now also provide commercial video for veterinary hospitals to help veterinary hospitals nurture trust and connection with their clients.

Video content has proven to a highly effective marketing tool for company websites!

animal videographer

It’s important to show prospective clients your amazing location and team of experts that are professional with compassion. Have an animal videographer create unique, high quality images that are ready to market your services and attract new clients and team members!

I’m ready to join your project as your commercial videographer. I’m based in the Corona / Chino Hills area and often travel to Orange County, CA and surrounding counties to help create stunning imagery in a non-obtrusive and friendly manner. Get in touch if you’d like more info.

A HUGE thank you to all our veterinary hospitals and clinics that help us keep our very loved companions in great health!