Christmas photos with dogs at home in Aliso Viejo, CA! Aren’t they so cute in their holiday sweaters?!

We had fun getting some great photos to use for their holiday cards and some beautiful fine art prints to hang up on the wall.

Holiday Photos With Dogs in Aliso Viejo CA

The Christmas photos with dogs portrait session provided about 8 favorites they have now to remember forever these days in their lives with Gracie, Maggie and Kelsey (pictured L to R above). Kelsey loved running around hearing herself jingle jangle due to the bells on her sweater!

I used their favorite words and some silly noises to get their attention. Everyone asks me – how do you get the dogs to pose? “My dog NEVER would!” they say. I always answer that our own pets don’t usually listen to us well, but listen to someone else they are comfortable with that has some interesting noises and treats!

Here are 4 of those favorite portraits that I used to design a holiday card to spread cheer this season. (Actually, the front design was found on Etsy. The back I designed.) What do you think?

Holiday Photos With Dogs and Horse Designed to a Christmas Card

Think this would bring you a smile when you opened their card and saw all the holiday cheer and smiles? I think so too!

Yes, that is their horse you see on their card! After the dog photoshoot at home in Southern California, we drove over to the stables nearby and photographed their horse, Jack Shadow, in his jingle bells too.

We had to act fast to set the hat on Jack’s ear and snap the photo! We didn’t want to annoy him so one quick chance for one quick shot and we got it!

Jack Shadow’s mom had me etch and print her other favorite photo from that day. You can more about this on another post that talks more about this handsome fella’s custom fine art equine portrait!


I’m here to help you spread holiday cheer throughout your own family, as well as for friends you’d like to delight with a holiday card of Christmas photos with dogs (and cat or horse!).

Wiggly, shy, senior, dark-coated pets are my favorites! Here’s more info on a Southern CA pet photoshoot where I come out to your home or nearby park in Orange County or Inland Empire areas.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays everyone!