cat-photo-with-peony-flowers film-photo-of-cat-profile-with-pink-peonies

How to create a cat photo with peony flowers?

With patience! 😉 Cats don’t “sit” or “stay” like dogs do. They take awhile to settle into a cozy space. For her kitty photo session, I got Paris, our senior cat pictured here, a cozy blanket with a heating pad underneath to set on my husband’s lap. I waited for her to settle in while he pet her a bit before I started photographing her.

Our kitty who is turning 15 this month, has been in our family for 14 years. My husband and his daughter chose Paris out of all the other cats in the shelter years ago in Southern California. My husband wanted a companion for his daughter when she came to stay with him for the summers. Funny thing, Paris actually bonded to my husband more than anyone else.

I photographed our cat (shown in the pictures above) using an old school film camera: a Mamiya RZ67 and Fuji film. Film has SO much more richness than a digital camera. It’s got a depth and dreaminess about it as you can see in the two images above.

That same day and time I also used my digital DSLR to photograph Paris with the flowers. I used it to “cheat” and find my manual settings for the film camera. I also used it to see the difference in the outcome between digital and film for this cat photo session with flowers for Paris.



As you can see, the digital cat portraits are clear and pretty, but the film images have a mood and depth to them.

By the way, my husband was wondering why in the world he had to hold the cat and flowers in his lap. After he saw the pictures, it all made sense.

We will remember Paris always with these kitty and flower portraits hung in our home. The purpose of her pet photo session was to have a tangible treasure to help remember Paris far into the future!

I aboslutely LOVE photographing cats all across southern California! I hear all the time owners tell me, “Oh, my cat will run and hide.” I’ve photographed many cats and have never had one hide to the point of not being able to photograph. I take my time and bring plenty of patience and compassion. I’ve owned cats long enough to know THEY are the boss and run their own schedule!

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