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Welcome to Greyboy Pet Prints,
where pets are therapy and art is healing!

Handmade Pet Etchings

An artful way to remember your companion pet! Your favorite snapshot transformed into elegant fine art.

Pet Photography

Photographing pets with compassion and patience in the comfort of your own Southern California location!

Pet Businesses: Your company needs great photos on a tight budget—and oh yeah, you need them yesterday. I hear you and I get it!

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Meet pet artist Mandi

Pet artist, Mandi, has over a decade of experience with wiggly, shy, and elderly pets as well as two decades creating fine art. Mandi combines her love for pets, her own story and 20+ years of professional experience in graphic design and photography to help you remember your special companion with beautiful, timeless art you can enjoy for years to come.

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latest news

Dog Art with Ashes

One little nose and 27 whiskers, the squinty-love look from the eyes of my soulmate kitty, that purr that was one of the most comforting sounds I had ever heard. My world felt out of control, but with Jake I knew I had a loyal listening ear and comforter. My...

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Cat photo with peony flowers

  How to create a cat photo with peony flowers? With patience! 😉 Cats don't "sit" or "stay" like dogs do. They take awhile to settle into a cozy space. For her kitty photo session, I got Paris, our senior cat pictured here, a cozy blanket with a heating pad...

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Celebrate Dogs with Artwork – 3 Special Pups

Perfect Cuddle Companion. Adventure Buddy. Calming Comforter. We celebrate dogs with artwork to remember these very special pups for decades to come! Each of these three dogs belongs to a member of our United States Military and have been helped through a Non-Profit...

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