What We Do

Here are Greyboy Pet Prints, we help pet parents remember their animal companions through pet photography and handmade pet etchings so they have something beautiful and tangible to enjoy today and treasure long after their furry best friend is no longer with them.


  • Custom pet art etchings commissioned as a gift or simply enjoy yourself
  • Commemorate a beloved pet that has passed (add a passed pet’s ashes within the etching)
  • Remember a favorite moment in time
  • Elegant artwork that will compliment any decor
  • Traditional techniques from the art of printmaking
  • Watch Mandi and her artist Grammy on how an etching is made!

Pet Photography

  • Pet photo sessions held where your pet is most comfortable.
  • Commercial Pet Photography in Orange County and Inland Empire areas (Southern CA)
  • See what a photo session is like
  • Find out what clients have to say about Greyboy Pet Prints pet portraits!

Meet the artist

Artist, Mandi, has over a decade of experience with wiggly, shy, and elderly pets as well as two decades creating fine art. Mandi combines her love for pets, her own story and 20+ years of professional experience in graphic design and photography to help you remember your special companion with beautiful, timeless art you can enjoy for years to come.
At Greyboy Pet Prints, we believe pets are therapy and art is healing! Each family has their own story of what a special friend they have had in their pet companion.

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