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My Favorite SuperZoo Products for Cats and Dogs

Are you like me? Because my pets are family, I want to make sure they are getting the best care and best products to help them lead a happy, healthy, long life. Normally on this blog, we are talking about Greyboy Pet Prints pet photography and handmade pet portrait etchings, but I know my clients will benefit from hearing about these products.

Below are the AWESOME goodies I found at the 2017 SuperZoo tradeshow in Vegas (over 4 miles of things to see!). I’m trying these to solve problems I’ve noticed with my own pets (fleas, chance of getting lost, helps for walks, great food options, and calming products). So, here are my favorite SuperZoo products:

FLEA problem solved (no more dangerous topical flea meds!):
I had previously shared about essential oils and how they can help fight fleas (and other ailments). To also help fight fleas and ticks naturally, I found at SuperZoo:

Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Spot-On (Plant Based Formula) For Dogs:


They have lots more sprays, etc. but I was interested to try this since it’s what we are used to (topical application): Ingredients: Clove Oil, Thyme Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Isopropyl Myristate (synthetic oil used as an emollient, thickening agent, or lubricant in beauty products), Vanillin (primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean).