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Doggie Alfie – End of Life Pet Photo Session

Alfie, the cute wiener dog in Fullerton, received an “End of Life” pet photo session at his home with his 2 dog buddies and his people. His mom and dad had seen the Greyboy Pet Prints pictures hanging at Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine (AVIM) in Tustin, CA and called me about a photo session at their home in Orange County.

Photo-Session-Dachschund-Sitting-GrassAlfie’s mom asked if it might be possible to get pictures of her buddy Alfie before he passed. She explained that he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and wanted pictures sooner, rather than later, as they weren’t sure how much time they had left with their Alfie.

A few days after our call, I came out to their home and met Alfie and his doggie buds Coco and Chimi (Chimichanga). They showed me around their home and yard while telling me where Alfie usually hangs out and I chose a few of those spots for pictures that are definitely “Alfie.”