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Custom Pet Portrait with Pet’s Ashes

Not just a pet. A soulmate. A companion. You know exactly what I mean. 

I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried in my life when I had to put my kitty Jake down (aka my Greyboy pictured below). And then I felt guilty because I cried more than I did when my some of my favorite family members passed. What IS that connection we have with these furry partners of ours?


We talk about the unconditional love they give; the loyalty, the friendship, and companionship. Our partners are always there at our feet ready to listen and give back so much. They leave a huge hole in our lives once they pass and we try our very best to remember them in a special way.

I tried to think of a way to keep my Jake with me somehow so I’d never forget him. I had a photograph of him framed, set his ashes in the wooden box with paw print under his picture. It was okay, but I still felt something was missing.

THEN I had an idea – I had been creating handmade pet etchings for people who had their own snapshot they wanted transformed into fine art. I used my Grammy’s printing press and the printmaking etching process to start helping other people be able to remember their favorite animal companions too through fine art to enjoy as a reminder of that loving partner they were so connected to.

Creating a Lasting Remembrance Using a Pet’s Ashes

I did an experiment one day and (with the help of some champagne), opened up the wooden box with Jack’s ashes and took out a TINY bit to add to the ink and print again Jake’s etching. It worked, came out beautiful AND I knew THIS print was extremely special as it literally had just a little bit of him in the actual artwork. Jake’s artwork is preserved nicely in a frame and is treasured as a meaningful keepsake…