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A Very Special Tribute and Pet Portrait for a Very Special Dog

Here is a very special tribute and pet portrait etching created for a very loved dog, Andy:

“My boyo is Andy. He passed away last June, just shy of his 9th birthday, and there is still a hole in my heart the size of an 80-pound lab mix. I’ve had him since he was a little chunk of a pup resembling a bear cub, brought home before he could be taken to the shelter like his siblings. He was a mischievous thing, nicknamed Houdini for the many ways he figured out how to escape his kennels. He could open baby gates, take nuts off of bolts, and wiggle bolts out of holes. I finally thwarted him with bungee cables out of reach.

Paige’s picture of Andy to be etched

He was a dog that never slowed down; he always had the same drive and energy, always wanting to ‘work’ up until the end. The fall before he passed, when he was 8 years old, he completed a 120 yard water retrieve on a live goose – that is a football field. He didn’t heed the commands to come back, stubbornly staying out there swimming circles until the goose came up, focused on completing what had been asked of him.

My last memory of Andy before I buried him is him running after my car…