I’ve been wanting to share with you these two rescue dog photo sessions in Mission Viejo (Orange County) CA. These dogs both have amazing rescue stories!

Hope For Paws, a rescue group out of LA, contacted Greyboy Pet Prints to photograph Venus, the white German Shepherd whom they had rescued, healed and rehabilitated after finding her abandoned out in the desert. During her dramatic rescue, they actually had to get a vet out with a dart gun to catch her so they could help her. Venus’ amazing story on video is HERE. What a transformation! Isn’t she a beauty? Thanks to Hope For Paws, she is in a forever home now being loved and cared for.

Here she is laying in the grass at the park in Mission Viejo with the signature Hope For Paws red leash.


She was being fostered by Vicki from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. Vicki has a few other doggies that Venus became friends with. Here is Venus with one of her pals.

2 white dogs sitting in grass


A month later, I got a call from Hope For Paws and was told of a black Newfoundland dog who had been chained to a tree for 10 years of his life in LA! Lisa, with Hope For Paws, who actually drove out there and picked him up said he smelled like a dead animal. Poor buddy! After they treated him at the veterinarian and cleaned him up, he was such a handsome big boy.


You’ll notice Turk’s sunburned nose in his pictures from his photo session. I was tempted to retouch that out but it’s who he is and it shows where he came from. What a transformation road he is on! He was such a gentle giant when I photographed him at Norman Murray Community Center grounds in Mission Viejo. Here he is with Lisa.

One last image of the charming Turk:

Thank you to Hope For Paws for saving these two (and many more!) and to Coastal German Shepherd Rescue for fostering Venus. Perhaps you might want to send along a $5 donation to Hope For Paws so they can continue to rescue, treat and rehome dogs like Venus and Turk? Just visit their website HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today and reading about these two special doggies and their wonderful rescue stories. Feel free to share this post on social media or forward this onto a friend who also has a soft spot for amazing rescue stories!